Tuesday, May 27, 2008

20 Week Belly

So here is my belly at 20 weeks! It's getting bigger by the day too. I'm still not feeling too much movement from little Suzie, but the doctor said it's still pretty early. I found a pic of my sis when she was 20 weeks pregnant and she was wearing the same shirt! (Thanks for letting me borrow all your clothes Deece!) So I thought it would be fun to post both pics as a comparison. oh the joy of being short and having nowhere for baby to go but straight out!

Monday, May 19, 2008

How Do You Spell Souix-zee?

So now that we have actually given our baby girl a name, the debate between Kyle and myself has come down to, how will we spell her name?? Cast your vote to the right help us decide:)

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's a...

That's right! Yesterday Kyle and I went to the Dr. for my 19 week check up and they did a very thorough ultrasound. Dr. Frields is very confident that in less than five months we will be the proud parents of a precious baby girl! We couldn't be more excited to welcome Suzie Lorraine Sanderson (named after both of our moms) into our lives in October.

One thing you can be praying for is that while everything else looked great, Dr. Frields did notice that there is a possible Ventricular Septal Defect in Suzie's heart. It is a very small hole that goes between the two chambers of the heart. He didn't have the greatest angle so he wants to check next time. He said that it is not uncommon and most of the time these holes just close on their own. If he sees it more clearly on the next ultrasound he is going to refer me to an echocardiologist just to follow up. If they do deteremine there is a VSD and it doesn't close on it's own, he said that it is very treatable and nothing to worry about...(but I think being tempted to worry comes with the territory of being a mom!) Dr. Frields said there is nothing they can do to treat it while she is in the womb, and they would just wait until she is born and monitor her from there. Again, it may close on it's own or it may be too small to affect her in any way. Or, they would have to operate somewhere down the line, which he said is the most basic of heart surgerys and again, nothing to be too concerned about. But please pray for us and for Suzie! We know she is in the best care in the world...our heavenly Father's care! He loves her more than we ever will and we want to grow in our faith and trust of Him.

I'll post a belly shot soon. I really am getting big!