Saturday, December 17, 2011

a few more pics

so i got a new phone a couple weeks ago with a data plan which means i finally have access to the internet at home. this is my first time trying to do a blog post from my phone so it might be a little ghetto:) I am still learning how to use my camera too so some pics and videos are sideways! But at least I don't have to go to the church!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Reformation Day!

On Monday we went to our dear friends' house to celebrate the reformation! This is much more exciting to us than Halloween, but we do have fun getting the kiddos dressed up. Suzie loved being a ballerina...however, Sawyer didn't really like being a monkey so much:) Last night we took them to the Boys Ranch again for our church Trunk or Treat event. Suzie had such a great time that she asked me several times today if we could go to the Boys Ranch.
Here's a sweet pic of my kids watching a video together and Suzie burping her baby after feeding her:)
Suzie after spending 30 minutes licking a Mickey Mouse cookie...
And here are some more Suzie quotes I want to remember when she's all grown up:

Mommy: "Suzie, do you have to go potty?"
Suzie: "No comprendo."

Suzie: "My arms are sad."
Mommy: "Why?"
Suzie: "Because my legs tripped and hurt them."

While dragging Sawyer's tunnel out of his room into the hallway: "I will get your tunnel for you, Sawyer. You will like it."

Suzie: "I will make dessert for you Mommy."
Mommy: "What kind of dessert?"
Suzie: "Lunch."

Suzie: "Welcome to Suzie's diner. What can I get for you Daddy?"
Daddy: "Can I have a hamburger?"
Suzie: "No, we don't have hamburgers. Only Whataburger."

Mommy: "Time to go night night."
Suzie: "Momma, can I just play in my room for a few more hours?"

"Sawyer's sleeping. Momma, can I just love him and kiss him?"

"The trailer is here! Mema and Poppi are coming on Tuesday for a party!"

"Momma, you are so sweet to me."

Suzie's prayer tonight: "Dear Father, thank you so much for this wonderful day. Please help Mema to feel better and help us to honor you. In Jesus name, amen."

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Officially Crawling

So two days after my last post, Sawyer officially started crawling on all fours. So I posted two little videos for family to see how's he's doing. He's all over the house now but his favorite place to just hang out is the hall for some reason. It's so interesting to see him do all these things in a normal time frame after Suzie has been significantly delayed in everything. Everything just seems so easy for him and I didn't realize how difficult everything was for Suzie with her being our first child.

Speaking of Suzie, she is a Cubbie in Awana now! She loves it and mostly just looks around in awe the whole time. Here are two little clips of our big girl in her Cubbie vest just soaking it all in:)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

6 Months

We can't believe Sawyer has already been with us for half a year, and yet it seems like he's always been with us at the same time! He is doing great. He is such a happy, strong little (ok...big) guy and he makes us laugh and smile every day. Here are a few little tidbits about our big 6 month old!

Weight: 18 lbs. 4 oz.
Favorite Person: Suzie
Favorite Foods: Sweet Potatoes, Banana, and Mixed Berries
Least Favorite Food: Green Beans
Favorite Things to Do: Pull Mommy and Suzie's hair, scoot all around the living room, get into everything, watch anything on TV, and be thrown or dangled up in the air
New Motor Activities: Pushing up to sitting, and back to hands and knees, and scoot all around. He is so close to crawling! He can do two or three movements and then splats onto his tummy and resorts to scooting like an inch worm.
Tooth Count: Zero!!
Cl0thing Size: Just about ready to move up to 12 month and he's busting out of his 6-9 month stuff
Bed Time: 9:30-10:00pm
Wake Time: 8:00-8:30am (yes...this is nice:)

Enough of me telling you about you can see him for yourself! This video is of him desperately wanting to crawl, but not quite coordinated enough:

And here's on of Suzie singing the Raider Fight song...for Auntie Debra:)

My family took pictures out in California while we were there. Unfortunately our computer is being really slow so I can't post them at the moment. My family posted them on my facebook though:)

That's all for us! Enjoying life here in the great state of Texas and thankful for all the Lord has given us.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Two Fun Kiddos

Here's a few videos and pictures of Suzie and Sawyer for some restless Grandma's, Grandpa's and Aunties to enjoy:)

Today is Texas Tech's first football game of the season. Suzie is very excited:)

Suzie and Sawyer have so much fun together. Suzie is a great big sister and loves to take care of her little brother.

This is what I often find Sawyer doing on the floor or in his crib. He can't wait to take off!

Suzie loves to play dress up...and of course it's hard to not capture her cheesy smile:)
These are her favorite jammies that our good friend Donna got her for her birthday. She likes to play dress up in them and then go to sleep in them.
My sweet boy!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This past week we were able to go to California to visit my family. I was dying to meet my newest little nephew Caleb, who is already 7 months old!

Here he is...isn't is SO cute??
Of course Mema was just thrilled to spend time with her 6th and newest grandchild.
It's so fun that my sis and I have babies so close in age...just two months apart! I only wish they lived closer:(
You'd never know that Caleb and Sawyer are two months apart. They are almost exactly the same size. My two kiddos had such a great time. We praise God that they did so well on the plane and with all the hubbub even though they were so exhausted when we got home.
Here's the boys...
And the girls...
Suzie was in heaven playing with all her cousins.

Ashley and Suzie, who are 10 months apart, were like two peas in a pod.

Sawyer learned a new trick from Caleb...he can sit up all by himself!

He's also become quite the roller We decided that Sawyer and Ashley look like they could be brother and sister.
I was able to visit with my friend Joy and meet their newly adopted daughter, Kate. She is so beautiful! Of course, I forgot to take a picture so I snagged this one from their blog so I could show off her cute kiddos:)
Of course the kids were thrilled to see their Auntie Debra again...despite the sad face in the first pic:)
And the kids were able to see their great grandparents
And Daddy was so glad to spend so much time with his kiddos...
And that was our trip! We had a wonderful time but it's also good to be home. I'm bummed that it will be another 7 months till I see my sister and her family again, but I know the time will fly by.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ladybug Birthday

My little girl turned 3 on Monday. I can hardly believe it! Took the kiddos to the doctor for their check ups and the doctor was so pleased with both! She was so impressed with Suzie's walking and language skills. Suzie weighed 26 lbs 2 oz (10th percentile) and is 36 inches (25th percentile). Sawyer is also developing wonderfully and weighs 16 lbs 6 oz and is 26 inches 75th percentile for both) at 4 months old.

We had a ladybug birthday party for Suzie. Granddad, Nana, and Auntie Debra were all here to celebrate! Here are some pictures of her fun day:

She looked a little like a ladybug in her cute polka dot dress!
I saw some pictures online and was able to make her three ladybug cakes! Unfortunately, she was a little afraid of them. She loved them, but thought the legs made them look a little spidery. She also burst into tears when everyone sang, "Happy Birthday":)

So tired!

Having fun with her friends.
Here are a few other pics of our funny little kiddos.
Poor Sawyer gets his sister's girly hammy-downs:)