Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This past week we were able to go to California to visit my family. I was dying to meet my newest little nephew Caleb, who is already 7 months old!

Here he is...isn't is SO cute??
Of course Mema was just thrilled to spend time with her 6th and newest grandchild.
It's so fun that my sis and I have babies so close in age...just two months apart! I only wish they lived closer:(
You'd never know that Caleb and Sawyer are two months apart. They are almost exactly the same size. My two kiddos had such a great time. We praise God that they did so well on the plane and with all the hubbub even though they were so exhausted when we got home.
Here's the boys...
And the girls...
Suzie was in heaven playing with all her cousins.

Ashley and Suzie, who are 10 months apart, were like two peas in a pod.

Sawyer learned a new trick from Caleb...he can sit up all by himself!

He's also become quite the roller We decided that Sawyer and Ashley look like they could be brother and sister.
I was able to visit with my friend Joy and meet their newly adopted daughter, Kate. She is so beautiful! Of course, I forgot to take a picture so I snagged this one from their blog so I could show off her cute kiddos:)
Of course the kids were thrilled to see their Auntie Debra again...despite the sad face in the first pic:)
And the kids were able to see their great grandparents
And Daddy was so glad to spend so much time with his kiddos...
And that was our trip! We had a wonderful time but it's also good to be home. I'm bummed that it will be another 7 months till I see my sister and her family again, but I know the time will fly by.


Karyn Hughes said...

How fun! Sawyer is adorable! I wonder when our sweet babies will get to meet each other?!?

Rick Wahler said...

If you look closely, you can see part of me reflected in the mirror. So I know that I was there, too!

Carol Hines said...

Sorry I missed the party but glad to see the pictures! All adorable kids, of course! Too bad they can't meet their east coast 'cousins' as well!