Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to the Sandersons!

We are so glad to have you stop on by for our virtual tour:) I have enjoyed preparing our home over these past few weeks and am almost completely settled in.

This is the front of our home...

And this is our view of the church from our porch. Can't get much closer to church than that!

Here is our living area when you first walk in and a 360 view...

We have been so blessed by a family in the church who gave us a great deal on furniture, so we were able to pick out some wonderful new stuff to furnish our new place. We love it!

And into the dining area/kitchen...

I have about three times the cabinet and counter space that I had in California!

And into our HUGE garage! Because we have so much storage space in the garage, it really enables us to keep our home free of clutter.

And one of my favorite features....our washer/dryer!

Back into the kitchen...

And down the hall...

First door on the right, our guest room!

As you can see, still a bit of work to do in here:)

Across the hall, our bathroom...

Last door on the right is Suzie's room...

And our room is across from hers...

Well, there is the "virtual tour" of the Sandersons. Should you ever find yourself in Lubbock, please stop by for the real thing:)

Friday, January 22, 2010

18 Months

Well, Suzie had her 18 month check up the other day! I just can't believe what a big girl she is. The appointment went great! I just love her new pediatrician. She is maybe only a year older than me, but was very thorough, kind, and seemed to really have Suzie's best interest in mind. She covered all the bases including wanting Suzie to be seen by a dentist, optometrist, get a board certified neurosurgeon, and helped me think through how we should go about getting therapy for Suzie. She has been getting therapy through the state for a few weeks, but they have a much more hands off approach than what we are used to in California. She urged me to try another group through insurance, who have a more aggressive approach like what we're used to. She thinks that this would be more effective for Suzie. So we were thankful for all her advice and ready to give it a shot!

Here are her 18 Month stats for her actual age:
Weight: 19 lbs. 9 oz. (less than 3rd percentile)
Height: 31.5 inches (40th percentile)
Head: 18.4 inches (53rd percentile)

Everything else looked great for Suzie and the pediatrician was very encouraged by how nicely Suzie is developing. She now knows about 30 words including her signs and animal sounds. Here is what recently has been added to her vocabulary:

No (her new favorite word)
Nigh Nigh (which she will now request when she's tired)
Pa Pa (that's my dad...and my mom too)
Burr (if you say it's cold)
Mmmmm (whenever you have food or drink)
Animal sounds: Baaaa, Moooo, Meow, Oooo Oooo (monkey), Bock (chicken)

So we have quite the chatter box on our hands! she's loving her new home and even getting to experience the nursery. No pictures to post for today, but I wanted to post all this before I forget:)

Friday, January 15, 2010

For the Grandparents

We have been here in Lubbock for almost three weeks now and we couldn't be happier! Aside from missing our wonderful friends and family, everything is going so great. We received such a warm welcome from our new church family and we continue to be so blessed by them. Our neighbors, the senior pastor and his family, have been more hospitable than we knew possible! We also love our new home and look forward to posting some pictures once we're done with the house. Still waiting for our dining set and the guest room needs a lot of work!

We wanted to post a few videos and some pictures to help the grandparents out a bit. I know they all miss Suzie, I mean us:) like crazy! So here you go!

Here is a video of Suzie playing sitting up. She is sitting up more and more which is a great thing!

And here is one of her saying her new word, "Light!"

Here's a few pictures of Suzie enjoying her new home. She is hanging out on her knees a lot these days and will even crawl on her hands and knees for a few steps!

This is the artwork that we won from that contest. I love it, but I'm not crazy about the blue and pink hair. At least it was free:)

We miss you Mema, Poppi, Nana, and Grandad! Can't wait to see you soon!