Friday, January 15, 2010

For the Grandparents

We have been here in Lubbock for almost three weeks now and we couldn't be happier! Aside from missing our wonderful friends and family, everything is going so great. We received such a warm welcome from our new church family and we continue to be so blessed by them. Our neighbors, the senior pastor and his family, have been more hospitable than we knew possible! We also love our new home and look forward to posting some pictures once we're done with the house. Still waiting for our dining set and the guest room needs a lot of work!

We wanted to post a few videos and some pictures to help the grandparents out a bit. I know they all miss Suzie, I mean us:) like crazy! So here you go!

Here is a video of Suzie playing sitting up. She is sitting up more and more which is a great thing!

And here is one of her saying her new word, "Light!"

Here's a few pictures of Suzie enjoying her new home. She is hanging out on her knees a lot these days and will even crawl on her hands and knees for a few steps!

This is the artwork that we won from that contest. I love it, but I'm not crazy about the blue and pink hair. At least it was free:)

We miss you Mema, Poppi, Nana, and Grandad! Can't wait to see you soon!


Debra said...

Yay!! Thanks for the pictures and videos. I'm already missing her (& you guys) much!! My parents would probably have trouble trying to leave a comment, but I know they love seeing these too!

Costello Chronicles said...

Hi Steph! I am so glad that you are settling in so well! Suzie is such a cutie, and I miss seeing you guys. I love watching the videos-so fun! It sounds silly, but I am trying to get my phone calls organized and I hope to call you soon! -Netter :)

Rick Wahler said...

I taught her 'light' when we were there. Tried also to show her how to pull the chain, which she didn't quite get.

Thanks for the pics!

Mama J said...

Great update, Steph! I love the videos. Suzie is growing up... she is so cute! I'm happy I can keep up with you guys on this blog.

Matthew said...

Steph, your pictures are so fun and I know now that you're far away I'm going to appreciate them all the more. How exciting that Suzie is crawling a little. Yay! I'm so happy for that. We miss you guys but are so thankful you are loving your new home. See you in March for Shepherd's!!
Ashley Mehringer

Holly said...

I am so glad that you guys are getting settled into your new home and that your new church family has been sooo wonderful! What a blessing! I continue to pray that relocating and starting new in Lubbock will be as easy as possible on all 3 of you! Love the new pics of Suzie! She is getting to be quite the big girl!!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Hi Guys!
Wow, we had a LOT of catching up to do! First off, we can't believe how big Susie is...she is just so BEAUTIFUL! Second, congratulations on the new job/move!
We are sorry that we have been out of touch for this long, but we are overjoyed to see how well you all are doing.
Much love,
Victoria (and Justin and Moriah)