Friday, February 9, 2007

From August through December

So I guess I will have to do a very brief recap of the past several months that led up to us becoming a family!

Kyle and I began dating in January of 2006. By June we knew we were going to get married (although we never really talked about it!) July brought us home to Kansas to meet the Sanderson family. Then a few weeks later Kyle finally asked me to be his bride.

At first I was thinking we would get married at the end of December...boy am I glad we didn't wait that long! We planned to get married in only three months and pulled of a very nice wedding with the help of both of our families and many friends.

Me and my sis

Soon we found ourselves off to Mexico for a 7 day cruise!!

one of our formal evenings

oh yes...we went parasailing in Puerto Vallarta!

Beautiful Cabo San Lucas (and some lady we don't know)

Our very first Christmas!

At the end of the year, we took a trip quick to Phoenix to see the Red Raiders come back from a 31 point deficit. Go Raiders!!

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Denise said...

Nice pics! You're a cute family! I guess I need to have Jeff update our page sometime, especially since we have a new family member now!