Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Hospitable Heart Opened

Well, we have officially finished our book. I definitely enjoyed it, some chapters more than others. This chapter on Lydia seemed very short to me, but I did really like it. One line I underlined in this chapter said, “Lydia was a remarkable woman who appeared suddenly and unexpectedly in the biblical narrative, reminding us that while God’s sovereign purposes usually remain hidden from our eyes, He is always at work in secret and surprising ways to call out a people for His name.” I think one thing that has really stuck out to me in every chapter we’ve read, is how from a human perspective, it is almost surprising to see the women He has chosen to follow him. A young teenage girl to be Christ’s mother, a demon-possessed woman to be one of His most adamant followers, women who struggle with deep discontentment and selfishness—women just like us! How gracious God is to choose any of us to follow Him! None of us deserve it yet God has given us the most wonderful gift imaginable—salvation!
I have been so reminded of that precious gift as we’ve read this book and also have hope for the unbelievers in our lives who do not yet know our Lord, but who are just as much candidates for His grace as we were! This chapter really focuses on how God was the one who opened Lydia’s heart. How foolish I am to forget that at times. And once the Lord had opened up her heart, she was so faithful and obedient. What an encouragement this chapter was!

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