Thursday, June 26, 2008

25 Week Belly

Oh man! Look at that belly! You know, I don't think I realize how big I'm getting until I see a picture of myself. I'm suddenly very prego!

The fun thing is that I feel little Suzie move around inside me a little every day! I love it every time I feel her little kicks! Here is our most recent picture of her...Kyle calls her, "Skelator woman." He means it very affectionately:)

We see a heart specialist on Wednesday to determine whether or not she has the VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect). Dr. Frields still is unsure if she has the defect, but he's pretty confident that if there is a hole there, it is most likely very small. This is very comforting yet we sure do appreciate your prayers! We'll post an update after we see the heart specialist next week.


Kim said...

That's so funny that Kyle calls her "Skelator woman" one of my ultrasounds the nurse told me that Dash looked like Homer Simpson. You can't really see much of your pregnant belly with that flowy shirt...I want a redo :-)

Wendy said...

I agree, belly shot re-do :) Aww, I loved the kicking, especially now since it has been replaced by slobbery-fingers-in-the-ear.

Holly said...

We'll keep praying Steph!! You look very cute! Isn't it crazy how fast your belly seems to be growing right now. I think I say EVERY I grew a TON today :).

Liesy said...

Congrats on having a baby girl - I like the way you spell "Suzie" it's such a CUTE name! I'm praying for the baby to be perfectly healthy. Please do keep us posted.