Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday, July 28

Hello Friends and Family,

Well, as warned by everyone, this certainly has been one emotional roller coaster! Suzie was doing very well when they gave her the first dose to treat her PDA, but then she began to have trouble with her urine output. They were unable to give her the second dose of medication 12 hours later and instead gave her some medicine to help treat her urine output. After another 12 hours, they administered the second dose of medication for her PDA and were able to give her the third dose after another 12 hours. We found out this evening that the medicine did help as her PDA is now very tiny. Praise God! The nurse thinks that they probably will not treat it any further at this time, but rather will watch to see if the small hole closes on it's own. She said we could find out for sure what the next course of action is from the doctor tomorrow.

The past few days, they have had to increase the percent of oxygen that they administer to our little girl. She had been on 21% for several days, which is the same percent that you and I breathe in normal room air. We had been so encouraged by her ability to remain on 21% for several days. But three days ago they increased her to 27%, and yesterday to 36%, and today to 45%. The doctor told us that this is very common to see in preemies because their lungs are so underdeveloped. But it is still so disheartening for us as parents to see. The good thing is that her jaundice has gotten much better and she is now able to have the mask and lights off of her. So we get to see her face a lot more.

It has been a difficult few days for us as Kyle has had a cold and has been unable to go into see Suzie at all. I really miss having him go in to see her with me, but I'm so thankful for his caution and wisdom in protecting our baby girl. I think that with each day that goes by, it gets harder and harder for me to be separated from my precious daughter. I want so much to hold her and have her close to me at all times, and yet I know that she is getting the best care right now from the wonderful doctors and nurses at Huntington Hospital. This is a huge time for me to learn to lean on the Lord and trust Him in the midst of raging emotions that tempt me to be discouraged. God's character is both infinitely wise and loving, and so He can be trusted.

We attached a little video of our girl for you to see! She had a very sleepy day today so we didn’t get one with her eyes open or with her moving around too much. We will try to get a better one later. My sister and brother-in-law gave us this really neat Flip Video that we can use to record her! We are still trying to figure it out, so if you can’t view this video, we are going to try to post one up on You Tube when we figure it out.

Please continue to pray for us. Pray for Suzie, that the Lord would continue to work in her little body and heal her and that she wouldn’t have any effects of brain damage if it be His will. Pray for me, that I would trust in God during this most difficult time, that I would cling to Him and see His kindness and that I would know how to please the Lord as a wife and mom in this unexpected stage. Pray for Kyle, that He would have opportunities to share the gospel and that the Lord would give him wisdom in leading his family.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying and caring for us! We are so blessed!!

In Christ,
Kyle and Steph

Psalm 31:24, "Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the LORD."


Melissa said...

Praying for you!!

Megan Brown said...

Kyle & Steph,
Our family has been praying for your dear little one. The kids look forward to seeing the updated photos, and this has been a wonderful teaching opportunity by reminding them that each of us is in the hands of our Creator and He has control over each of us and the situations we find ourselves in.
~Tom, Megan, Harrison & Chandler Brown

wagamama said...

So precious! I love you guys very much and am trusting the Lord with you for whatever His will is for your family. Thanks for allowing us to experience these ups and downs with you and to pray with you and for you!
-Janea Brown

Jon & Lola said...

we are praying for you guys!! We praise the Lord in how he is soveriegnly watching over little suzie. Thank you so much for allowing us in through your blog. Wish we could be there in person to come along side of you. Just know that we are with you through prayer.


Texas Girl said...

She is beautiful, you are gonna have quiet the daddy's girl. :) I am pray for you and your family Kyle!

Floyd and Celeste said...

Little Suzie is beautiful! Thanks for posting the update and letting us share with you in the the joy, as well as in the prayers. We will continue to pray for ya'll.

Sara Mallon said...

We are praying for you lots and I know that the Lord is using your family, all three of you, to be an amazing testimony of His Grace, and His Sovereign Power, and His Amazing Love. You are always so encouraging to me, even when things are just normal every day life, so I know that the Lord has and is doing amazing things in your lives and in everyone's life around you right now. I also know that God is giving you amazing Grace that we all can't imagine at this moment, and we are praying that He keeps giving you just the strength you need to be the wonderful mom and dad that you are! Suzie is so beautiful...even when she's sleepy :)

Amber said...

We heard about your dear family through Tommy and Sarah Clayton. My husband is Sarah's brother. Our family, our life group, and many others at Riverbend Community Church in Ormond Beach, Florida are praying for you all. We praise God for your trust and faith in our kind and loving Father. It's a testimony of His grace in the lives of His children. May He continue to bless you with comfort and rest in His goodness, and bring healing and strength to your precious little one.
Love in Christ,
Danny and Amber Marshall

Kimmy said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your precious little baby girl. You have amazing faith.
- The Perrone's in Hutch

Jared and Kim said...

You don't know us, but we are in Denise's small group at church and have been getting regular updates and praying for you three!

lockharts said...

Dear Kyle & Stephanie, I saw your website off of Baby Reese's blog. We are friends of the Kostjuks, our daughter was born with a diaphragmatic hernia just like Reese. She, Jane, also had a bleed in her brain and we were told that she would be severely handicapped and wouldn't walk or talk. As we prayed over her we prayed for a "sound mind". Jane, is now 12, has hydrocephalus and has a VP shunt and is getting A's in school, runs, does sports and is a miracle beyond belief. Pray for a sound mind for your little one. And, sometimes, the dr's don't always know, and they especially don't always know what God can do. God Bless all of you and I will be praying for your sweet little angel girl. Vicki Lockhart