Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Video...Finally!

So I finally caved and put the video on You Tube because I haven't been able to post it on blogspot. It's a fun one with all her cute little noises. You can view it here.

Suzie has had a few fussy days in a row so Kyle and I have taken turns pacing around the apartment with her. She is a perfect little angel this morning. She is sitting quietly in her swing watching Baby Einstein right now. Well, at least she is listening to it:)

We had our first therapy appointment yesterday and it went well. The therapist said she is tracking better and gave me several things to work with her on to try to catch her up. So it looks like Suzie will have therapy on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays in addition to her many doctor appointments. She is one busy little girl!

Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year! Who can even believe it's 2009???


Rick Wahler said...


What a wonderful video! She looks so much more --- well, you know --- than the last time I saw her.

Everytime I see her, I will think of God's marvelous grace. She is truly a living miracle. The love you & Kyle show her is certainly helping greatly, I'm sure!


Nathan said...

Wow, what a talker! I'll be she turns into a real chatterbox in a few years.

Debra said...

Really cute video!! Love the sounds she makes and hope she has started to feel a little better this week.

jaymie said...

i am a friend of the Briscoes here in Longview and our twins were born at 25 weeks...our son has an IVH and a shunt and we're rockin' along with the therapy thing....I have kept up with you guys through the Briscoes and check in on the blog often. Blessings to little Suzie and her parents!