Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Suzie's New Tricks

Ever since we got home from Dallas, Suzie has been doing a lot of fun new things. Some of her new tricks are:

~New Sounds~
The day Kyle came home from summer camp, Suzie decided it was time to introduce the "M" sound. We both got to hear her say, "Mama," for the first time. It was so sweet! Since that morning, "Mama," and "Nana," are two of her favorite sounds. She knows that I am Mama, and she can say it, but I don't think she's saying it specifically yet. But it's still so fun! She's also starting to string different sounds together. She is definitely becoming a little chatter box!

~New Moves~
Before we left for Dallas, Suzie had attempted to scoot forward a couple times. As soon as we got home, she just started scooting all over the place! Because her right arm is so weak, crawling on all fours is very difficult for her. So she is adapting by doing combat crawling, where she doesn't have to push up on her arms. She's getting pretty good at it! She can combat crawl all the way across our living room now. Although she is weaker with her right arm, she at least is using it when she moves, so that is great! Here is a little video of me enticing her with one of her favorite things....the remote.

~New Skills~
Suzie is now waving hi and bye pretty well. She won't always do it, but she does quite often. Especially when she sees herself in the mirror. She is also giving "five" a lot now. She does most things with her left hand only, so she's not clapping or signing for "more" yet. But we're working on it! She also loves to kick her legs like crazy! I don't know if that's a skill, but she is quite proud of herself for doing it. Here's a video I caught of her kicking away.

~New Food~
Suzie is starting to really not want baby food any more. She wants to eat whatever we eat! Sometimes when she is refusing her baby food, I'll take my fork and get some baby food on it, and she'll eat it because she thinks it's my food! We are incorporating a lot more table food into her diet like bread, crackers, cheese, yogurt, pasta, soft fruit and veggies, pureed meats, and of course a little ice cream:) It's hard because she eats like a normal one year old, but only has two teeth, so we have to make sure all her food is soft enough for her to gum.

~New Bed~
Our long girl outgrew her little portable crib a while ago so we had been in search for a standard size crib. A very generous family gave us a crib the other day so my dad helped us set it up for her and the little crib came down. I was expecting her to have a hard time sleeping in her new crib because she has a very hard time with change. But she is loving the space to roll around! She has begun to sleep later which I am loving. She doesn't get squished into the corner of her new big crib so she doesn't wake up in awkward positions. I had to wake her up at 9:00am this morning to make sure she could get a nap in before therapy. And yesterday she didn't wake up until 10:00am! It's been a while since she slept in like that.

~New Schedule~
Her additional hours of therapy have been approved so beginning this week we will have five hours of therapy a week. That sounds like a lot, but my friend Dana's son get 7.5 hours, so that's even more intense. 4 of the hours will be in home, which is wonderful. She will have multiple hours in one day, so I'm curious how she will adjust to that. I'm excited for her to get more therapy though and I hope it helps her progress even faster! She also recently dropped her third nap so she takes a morning and afternoon nap and then stays awake for a longer time in the evening. Now that she is more mobile, she's better at entertaining herself so I can get more done around the house while she's awake.

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Kim said...

Go Suzie!!!! Keep up the good work!