Monday, October 19, 2009

Deal of the Week

This deal of the week is too good to pass up! It's from CVS of course:)

Retail Value of my purchase:
2 Glade Sense and Spray starter kits: $9.99 each
1 Glade Fragrance Collection Candle: $9.99
2 boxes of Fiber One Granola Bars: $4.29 each
1 Gallon of Milk: $2.49
Normal total with tax: $43.96

What I Paid:
Glade Sense and Spray Sale Price: $5
2 coupons for $4 off
Glade candle sale price: $6.99
generated $6.99 ECBs
1 coupon for $3 off
Fiber One Bars sale price: $2.50
2 coupons for $.40 off
Milk sale price: $2.29
bars & milk generated $3.00 ECBs
$4 off coupon for purchase of $20
My total: 15 cents!!!

And the best part is that this is all stuff I can use! My best deal yet:)


the e-wife, Karen said...

Hi Steph,

I've been getting into the deals at CVS lately too! They are really fun. I have $18 CVS bucks in my wallet, too!! :-)


Karyn Hughes said...

I wish I was getting those $4/$20 coupons! I just did the theraflu deal at walgreens -- they paid me $4 to get 3 boxes of theraflu. Now someone just needs to get sick around here!

Rick Wahler said...

Woman, you are hurting our economy!

Pastor Rudy Kronst said...

hi there - chaplain rudy -hmh- i have not been able to get thru on a comment - this is a.. try...chaplain rudy