Friday, September 24, 2010

We're Still Here!

Well, it's been a while so we have a few things to update on! First of all, Suzie has made some tremendous progress in the past few weeks. First, she has begun to stand on her own for up to 10 seconds! She is getting much better at keeping her right heal down and putting some weight on that right leg. All that increased weight bearing has allowed her to start taking steps! She has taken up to 7 steps at one time but definitely does best in therapy after they've been working out her legs. She can take two or three steps at home before she sits down. But this is a huge improvement for her and we are very hopeful that she might start walking before the baby comes in March.

She also just continues to grow in her vocabulary and piecing sentences together. She can sing the whole song, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," all by herself, although she slurs several of the words. She is learning new words and new ways to express herself every day.

Here is a video of her standing for a few seconds all by herself:)

And here's our clever girl turning a basket over to stand on so that she can reach higher. She pulled this picture down and brought it over to me and said, "That's Daddy!"

Another update we have is regarding her eyes. The doctor only saw mild improvement from patching and recommended surgery to correct the strabismus in both eyes. While the problem seems mild right now and she appears to be able to see okay, her vision is likely to become impaired the longer we wait to correct it surgically. So her surgery is scheduled for October 11. It is an outpatient surgery so she will be able to go home that day provided there are no complications. She will have to be put under anesthesia and be intubated so I am not looking forward to that. We so appreciate all your prayers and trust in the Lord to continue to show His mercy to our girl.

On a more fun note, we have had a slew of visitors lately! My parents came two weeks ago, Kyle's parents came last weekend, my sister and niece come tomorrow and two more good friends stop by in October! We just love having our dear friends and family staying with us. Suzie likes it too:)

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Cathy said...

How very proud we are of Suzie! She's gotten even stronger in three weeks! Praying for her surgery and her BIG adjustment to having the competition of a baby complicate her life in March!