Sunday, January 9, 2011

Post Surgery

Thank you everyone for praying for Suzie's surgery! What a blessing it was to be surrounded by so many loving believers once again. This was probably the scariest experience we have had since Suzie was first born. Apparently, her shunt has been failing for several months, and she started having some symptoms for a while, but because the shunt was partially draining, she would get relief and seem like she was fine. For about a month we thought that she just had a bad cold and we got antibiotics for her on Monday since it had gone on for so long. Then early Wednesday morning it was apparent that things were getting worse so we took her into the ER. After they tapped the shunt and drained some fluid, she once again seemed like her old self and didn't really seem to be in any pain. But early Friday morning she took a turn and was in the most pain we'd seen her in for a while. We praise God that the surgeon was able to get her into surgery so quickly so she could get some relief. He was able to replace the valve in her shunt with one that will hopefully be more effective at keeping the pressure more consistent in her brain. Suzie was like a new person after the surgery. She is exhausted and in a little discomfort at times, but overall she is just as happy as we've seen her in weeks! We were released from the hospital yesterday and are so thankful to be at home.

Here is a little video to show what good spirits Suzie is in today! You can also see her "ouchie" and post-surgery hair...what a mess!


Bill & Rachel said...

Thank you so much for posting your beautiful video of Suzie. It's been an inspiration and blessing to watch her grow and develop over her years. God bless you as you raise her and Sawyer. =)

The Hendrickson Fam said...

how great that her recovery is going so well! she's so happy! :0) yay!

Miss T said...

Praise God for His lovingkindess is everlasting!

jaymie said...

Oh WOW! I had no idea this was going on until I checked your blog today. That is so very very scary. I worry so much about that with Kanyon and and so thankful you were able to get things all fixed up. I am so sorry she had to have surgery. That is so hard on Mom and Dad. She's such a trooper!!!