Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Videos & Pictures of Sawyer

It has been a hectic few weeks as the Sanderson family is adjusting to the new member of the family. Admittedly there have been some challenges and adjustments. But by God's grace we are doing well and enjoying baby Sawyer. Steph (this is Kyle) is an incredible mother who honors Christ with her service to her family. She doesn't get much sleep but she continues to persevere. Here are some more up-to-date pictures and videos!


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

i cant get over all his hair! he's beautiful, you guys. thank you for the new pictures. i want to just eat him up =)
i enjoy seeing the family all together. things are looking good for the sawyer fam!

Debra said...

Enjoying the pictures and videos. Sawyer is a cutie and Suzie is so sweet with him. It's adorable!