Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Well, it's about time for another blog post packed full of pictures...finally! Here is our big boy at 14 months! He is walking all over the place and finally starting to talk. He signs "more", "all done", and "please" and will occasionally wave and say hi. He also says banana, mama, dada, Suzie, ball, bubble, Elmo, and cracker. Despite his very large size, he is a terrible eater! He is so picky and you never know what he will like on a given day. He loves bananas and any kind of dessert, but other than that, he may only get a couple bites in one meal. He has two moods...wonderfully cheerful, sweet, and playful...or terribly fussy, screaming and loud! Thankfully, he is the sweet boy about 90% of the time He is so flexible with Suzie's busy schedule, climbs on everything, and just loves to play outside.

And here is our sweet Suzie girl. She is doing wonderfully after her surgery. She has decided that she not longer needs a nap...even though her attitude might suggest otherwise:) She is doing great at therapy and asks several times a day if she can go to church. She tells us all day long that she loves us so much and sometimes will use that to distract from us instructing her. She loves to sing and despite being super skinny...she is a fantastic eater! Go figure!

 What would a blog post be without a cheesy Suzie grin:)
Proof that Kyle and I really are a part of this family:)

Sibling love


 Of course the kids enjoyed a visit from Nana and Granddad...

 And from Mema and Poppi! (Mema not pictured:)
Suzie and her buddies

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Debra said...

Loving all the pictures and updates :) It's so fun to hear that Sawyer is chatting and he's so big now! I miss those kiddos tons. Wishing I lived closer just to see y'all. Thanks for posting!