Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Horrible Life Redeemed

This week our book club read about the amazing story of Rahab. She is the epitome of a lost soul that can do nothing to save herself. I was reminded of how gracious God is and how He can transform any life. No one, not the gravest sinner, is beyond the reach of God’s love. Paul says he was the chief of all sinners in 1 Timothy, and yet God saved him to show how incredibly patient He is and to ensure us that our salvation has nothing to do with our own worth. I loved the quote by Spurgeon at the end of this chapter, “This woman was no mere hostess, but a real harlot…I am persuaded that nothing but a spirit of distaste for free grace would ever have led any commentator to deny her sin.” I think the title of this chapter is perfect, “A Horrible Life Redeemed,” and it was a great reminder to me that no one is beyond God’s grasp; thus we should share the gospel with everyone!

Human beings are so proud that we want to have some sort of responsibility in our salvation. I’ve always wondered why Rahab is mentioned in the “Hall of Faith,” when she lied to keep the men safe. It seemed almost like a contradiction to me. So this chapter made it so much clearer that God actually used her imperfect faith to demonstrate that it is only God’s grace that saves. We don’t have to justify Rahab’s lie. She was an imperfect person like the rest of us. She was drastically changed, enough to protect these men by risking her own life. But she was not perfect. It is not her lie that is ever commended, but rather her faith to hide the men. I understood this all much better after this chapter.

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