Tuesday, November 18, 2008

4 Months Old!

Suzie is four months old today! We went to the pediatrician this morning and here are her current stats:

Weight: 8lbs 2oz
Length: 21.5 inches
Head Circumference: 14 inches

Suzie is doing great! She received her four month immunizations which was a very sad thing. She cried and cried and has been conked out on the couch ever since. The doctor said she is a little behind on her weight gain so I'm going to work on trying to get her to eat a little more each feeding. If she does well with that, then he said I can go ahead and let her sleep up to 7 hours a night. The past four nights she has slept for 6 hours straight and I had to wake her to feed her. It is a wonderful blessing to get a little more sleep, so hopefully she will keep it up and still be able to gain weight. She is such a sweet and content little baby, except for her brief fussy time each day.

Our follow up with the eye doctor is tomorrow morning so we'll post another update then!


Rebecca said...

hooray! we can't wait to meet Suzie. She is so adorable. Chris and I are coming home real soon and we definitely want to make down to see you guys at some point.

Sue-Pea said...

Yay for Suzie! God is soooo good!!!
We just love updates about her. It's so fun to hear the kids get excited for a baby they have never met but have been praying for.
Shad says - "Oooh tuoot baby"
Hannah says - "She is so adorable!"

ksgleeson said...

Steph--your Dad sent me your blog address. What a sweet little miracle you have. What a pretty little red-head. We have a red-head too. So fun to catch up with your family. :) We will keep praying for little Suzie. :)
Kelli (Becken) Gleeson

Denise said...

So glad it's a good report. Cute pic of Little One in the laundry. It makes a good bassinet. Maybe I should give you yours back and just use ours for our next one!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Hi Kyle and Steph,
we only have a few moments on the internet, and justin and i HAVE to check on little Suzie before we go. It's so good to see her doing so well. She melts our heart everytime. Thank you for all the prayers. We love you guys.
Justin and Vic

Texas Girl said...

Wonderful update! Will continue to pray for all three of you.