Monday, November 24, 2008

Scoot, Scoot, Scoot

Suzie has turned into quite a little scooter! When I put her down for a nap on her tummy, she manages to scoot her way out of her wedgie to the front of the crib. Here is a pic of what I found the other day when I went to get her.

The occupational therapist came to do an evaluation last week. She said that Suzie is developmentally tracking like a 2 1/2 week old baby. Her corrected age is six weeks so they would like to work hard at closing the gap while she is still so little. So they have recommended 2 hours of physical therapy, 2 hours of child development, and 1 hour of occupational therapy every week. With 5 hours of therapy per week we are going to be quite busy! But we are so thankful for this service provided by the state. Two of the three therapists will come to our home to work with her and they said that we can cut back on hours if it gets to be too much. We have to wait for the regional center to approve the hours so hopefully we will be able to get going in three to four weeks.

Also, we went to the ophthalmologist on Saturday and he said that her eyes responded very well to the laser surgery so that is a praise. He doesn't need to see her for another two months!

Everything else is going well for us here. Suzie has some great nights where she will go six hours between feedings. I love those nights:) She has other nights, like last night, where she cries until 4am. But we praise God for a healthy (and usually happy) little girl home with us.

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Osero's said...

Oh she the cutest lil thing, LOL! I am so glad things are starting to settle medically over there and now the rehab & recovery is starting to begin. Thinking of you! Take care