Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Month Goes By

Today, Suzie is nine months old! I know we say this every month, but we can hardly believe how big she is getting. Here are her stats for her adjusted age of 6 months:

Weight: 13 lbs 14 ounces (9th percentile)
Height: 26.5 inches (67th percentile)
She's long and skinny just like her Daddy!

In honor of Suzie’s 9 month birthday, I decided to post 9 of Suzie’s favorite things:

1. Baby Einstein
This one can be a lifesaver at times. When I really need to get something done and she is crying unless I am holding her, I just pop in a Baby Einstein video for her and she is immediately mesmerized by it. This video is of Daddy using Baby Einstein to appease her.

2. Her Hands and Feet
She loves her hands because they assist her in putting many things into her mouth. And even if she doesn't have an object, just putting her fingers in her mouth will do. She can also be entertained by just watching them. She also loves to play with her feet and has finally started using her right hand to play with them! You can see her playing with her feet in the video above.

3. Daddy
Every day when daddy comes home, Suzie has a special Daddy smile for him. It is so precious! He is definitely one of her two favorite people! Here’s a little video of her have a nice little chat with Daddy.

4. Sweets!
Suzie is a fabulous eater! I am so encouraged. Ever since I introduced fruit to her, she can’t seem to get the food into her mouth fast enough. She’ll even grab the spoon and shove it into her mouth. I guess she has a sweet tooth like mommy:) I give her half a jar of veggies and half a jar of fruit, two times a day. She eats it up within minutes!

5. Her Reflection
Just recently, Suzie has started to notice her reflection in the mirror. We’ll go up to the mirror and she’ll look at me in the mirror and smile and then notice herself in the mirror and just start laughing!

6. Burrito Girl
Suzie is very dependent on being swaddled in order to sleep. The hospital swaddled her nonstop so I kept it up when we got home, and now she cannot sleep unless she is very tightly swaddled. Once she gets her arms and legs out, she rolls over and is all done sleeping. It has become very tricky now that she rolls so much. We have to double swaddle her and try to wedge her into her bed so she can’t squirm so much! Here she is getting ready for a nap. We call her Burrito Girl!

7. Jungle Tunnel
This continues to be one of her favorite toys. I can bust out the Jungle Tunnel and she’ll grab at the toys and gab while I make dinner. She really squirms around in there too. Sometimes when I glance over, she’ll be halfway in the tunnel!

8. Mobile
Another lifesaver! Suzie just loves to watch the little animals go around and around. All of her babysitters take advantage of this one. They can distract her for a little while and make her forget that Mommy isn’t around.

9. Mommy
That brings us to probably her favorite thing…Mommy! And it is such a joy to my heart to have such a special bond with her. She loves to study Mom’s face, play peek-a-boo, be tickled, and just sit with and be held by Mommy. She is getting better at being held by other people, which is very good, but she’s still a Momma’s girl. I don't care for this pic of me, but her expression is so cute, I had to post it!

In this pic, I had just jumped out from around the door and yelled, "Boo!" She always laughs and squirms with glee when I do that.

She's has many other favorite things, but I just stuck with these nine for now. I guess that was a lot:) We’re doing great and praising God every day for His incredible kindness to us!


Andrew & Kim Callaway said...

I love these pictures! She's getting so big. The burrito one is my favorite.

Liesy said...

Her smiles are sooo cute! I'm so thankful to God that she's doing so well - what a miracle!

Nathan said...

Friends of mine have a little girl who (for a while) liked Baby Einstein and Toy Story 2--that's it. Hopefully Suzie's repertoire gets bigger with time!

Jen said...

Steph- If you're looking for something stronger than just a receiving blanket, see if you can get a hold of a Miracle Blanket. It's a swaddle blanket, but it's practically Houdini proof. Aubrey started being able to get out of it, but it took her a long time to figure it out. It has little flaps that hold their arms down while you wrap the rest around her. It's one fantastic blanket, we used it for a long time until Aubrey could sleep without being swaddled.

I loved seeing all those cute pictures and videos! She's getting so big!

Mrs. Jorgenson said...

Praise the Lord for all he has done in Suzie's life these last 9 months! Also, it is just heart-warming to hear how much YOU love being a mom and how good you are at it! Suzie looks so cute.

Kimmy said...

Darling pictures, what a true miracle!