Thursday, April 16, 2009


We had such a nice first Easter together. Suzie still can't go to church (hopefully by the end of the month!), but Kyle and I got to go to the Good Friday service together at our church which was such a blessing. Then on Easter Sunday, we went to my parents' house for a wonderful meal and a great time with family. Here is a video of Suzie's precious Easter outfit:

Kyle's mom was able to come into town last week and it was wonderful to have her here! By the end of the week, Suzie had completely warmed up to her and was sad to see her go:( Here are some pics of her time with Nana.

Also, Suzie can now sit by herself for a few seconds before toppling over. She doesn't know quite how to catch herself when she starts to fall, so we have to be there to soften her fall...or we let her sit on the bed where there's a nice soft landing:)

One really good piece of news is that we will be having less doctor appointments as of now! She no longer has to see her pulmonary specialist and she received her last RSV vaccination. Her pediatrician will also go a couple of months without seeing her now, so we will be traveling to Pasadena a few times less each month. We go to our NICU reunion in May and are very excited to see some of the babies that were in the NICU with Suzie. That's all for now!


Joyful said...

I LOVE her Easter outfit--that is so adorable! Girls are so much fun.

Bryan, Lindsey, Nathanael, and Baby Abundance said...

She is so precious! I have enjoyed getting to stay caught up on you guys through your blog! It looks like she is just doing fantastic and that is such an answer to prayer!

jaymie said...

i check in on the blog and love seeing suzie grow! SHE LOOKS GREAT!!! Rolling and Sitting! WOW!!