Monday, February 22, 2010

Lots of Catching Up to Do

Well it seems like forever since I posted last, partly because we've been so busy, but mostly because it's much harder to keep up with the blog when we don't have internet at our house! Kyle is giving Suzie a much needed bath right now so that I can devote some time to updating this thing!

We have been having such a great time here in Lubbock, Texas. The adjustment has been pretty smooth for us thanks to our loving church family. Although I do miss my friends and family in California and am so looking forward to seeing them next week when we are in town for the Shepherds' Conference! We are getting to know our way around the city quite nicely and I like to venture into town virtually every day to break up our day. It's a good thing I enjoy the drive into town too because we got Suzie set up with a new therapy program that requires me to drive her into town 4-5 times a week. The new program is great though so it is well worth it.

Suzie was recently given the official diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. This doesn't really change anything, as we have known for quite some time that it is most likely the case. Her right side is the affected side, but all her therapists are quite impressed with how much she actually uses her affected side and we hope that as she gets older it won't limit her too much. She is standing up a little better now, but still not close to standing on her own or walking. She can crawl on her hands and knees now but only when you entice her with something. She's just too fast on her belly! She adds more words to her vocabulary every week which is a lot of fun. Some of her new ones are Bite, Suzie, Pray, and Bath.

And now for a couple videos! Here is a sweet little clip of Suzie and her new friend, Owen, our friends Robin and Timothy's son:

And here is a video of Suzie busting a move! She just loves to dance:)

I thought I'd include a few pictures too. We have such a fun group of kids in the youth group. We've been able to do a few events this month including a Super Bowl Party, a Texas Tech Basketball game, and our very own Winter Olympics! We have a lot of fun with these kids.
Super Bowl Party with the youth group at our house:

Crazy hair night at Awana. Pretty much like every other day for Sue...

"Winter Olympics" with the youth group:

We've had quite a few snow storms since we arrived. I must confess that Lubbock is much prettier covered in snow:) Most of the time it is gone after only a day or so, but I enjoy it while it lasts. In fact, I think I see some flakes coming down outside the window right now!

Kyle's parents were able to come and visit a couple of weeks ago. Suzie had such a great time with Nana and Granddad and we are so thankful that they are able to come visit more now.

And here's one last one of our fun girl. Thanks for keeping up with us!


Joyful said...

Suzie has changed so much already! I love her beautiful curls. Can't wait to see you next week!!

Debra said...

Great pictures!!! I see that she is definitely growing in more curls :0 But they are so cute on her. Looks like she can blame her auntie on that. :) And such cute videos - so fun to see her dance!

Melissa said...

LOVE her curls!! glad you guys are doing well :)

Holly said...

Sounds like you guys are settling in nicely to life in Lubbock. I am SO glad! Suzie just gets bigger every time you put new pics up!

The Timmons Family said...

Great videos and pictures! Glad to see that you all are doing well!

jack said...

Wow Sandersons...looks like God's plans for you have involved lots of change...glad to see you settled into life/ministry in TX, and a joy to see how Suzie's grown. We will always think of you as sweet "neighbors" and friends. maybe Jack will see you in cali ;)

The White Wave said...

I'm trying to drum up new readers for my blog, so I looked at Laina's followed blogs (since I figure any blogs she follows aren't written by criminals or mob bosses), and I realize I know you and I prayed for your baby when she was a baby. Plus, Joyful is a friend of yours, so I can't go wrong. I will look forward to keeping up with the Hopeful Sandersons.

Hua said...

Great videos! It looks like Suzie is on the move! I hope all is well with you and your family.

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