Monday, May 31, 2010

Recapping May

The month of May was another wonderful month for the Sanderson Family! Kyle gets to enjoy the next few months of teasing me for no longer being in my 20s as I turned 30 this month and Kyle doesn't join me until October. My parents came out to celebrate with us and we had a great time showing Suzie off. My mom taught her to say "Love you!" when prompted. It's very sweet and you can see how she says it in this little clip:

My parents turned into cowboys while they were here!

We've had some great events with the youth group and look forward to going to summer camp in South Texas in two weeks! We've had a great time getting together with friends and watching our little girl progress. Here's a video of her reading her book. Check out how many words she knows!

We are so thankful for her and so proud of her. The eye doctor hasn't seen much progress her exotropia, so he wanted to give the patches one more month and then we'll consider surgery if there is still no improvement. We pray that the Lord would allow her eyes to correct themselves through the patching, but we trust that He has a perfect plan for our Suzie. Here are a few more pictures!

She loves to stand up on this table and turn on and off the light. She's getting much better at climbing up on things!


Debra said...

Ahh, she's growing up so much! I really really miss her! Thanks for posting this Steph. It's really fun to see new pics. Such a sweet one of her with Kyle and love the ones with the hat on. She's definitely got some curls on her! I can see how they might be hard to manage!

Pastor Rudy Kronst said...

chaplain rudy here from HMH...having a difficult time getting thru to you. Just to say you are God sent parents. truly, God has bless you with a precious child. trust all is well at the church...chaplain rudy


Yeah! A blog update!!! I needed my Suzie fix. She is so big and I can't believe how much she is chatting it up.

Holly said...

HI Steph!! Looks & sounds like you guys are doing well here in TX and adjusting to your new life nicely. I can't believe how big Suzie has gotten & I just LOVE all of her beautiful, curly, red hair!! She is such a doll! We will continue to pray for her eyes over the coming weeks!! Good to hear from you! Take care!!

Matthew said...

Hi fun to see and hear how Suzie is doing. I love your videos. She is talking so much. We sure miss you guys and getting to see you but I'm so thankful for the internet. :) Thanks for posting this.
~Ashley Mehringer