Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 Days!

Well because Sawyer is measuring so large, I've already had one C-section, and apparently I am quite small, my doctor is recommending a scheduled C-section at 38 weeks. I had really been hoping to have a normal delivery, but the past few weeks had been wondering what the wisest thing to do would be. Since my doctor had been so open to normal delivery the whole time, I really trust her judgment and we decided to go ahead and schedule the C-section. Which means that Lord willing at 7:30am on Wednesday, March 9, Sawyer Dawson Sanderson will come into the world! We are so excited and can't believe that's only 10 days away! Crazy!!

Suzie had been doing such a great job walking. She was walking around everywhere, maybe up to 75% of the time. In fact, it was rare to see her crawl at all. But on Tuesday she wouldn't walk at all, not even holding our hands or pushing a toy...something we hadn't seen from her in months! Wednesday morning was the same thing so when I took her to therapy, her physical therapist started working with her and said that she had been working so hard, she strained her hamstring! Poor thing. She will walk a little bit here and there, but is still recovering. When she does walk at all she has a sad little limp:( It's strange and a little sad to see her crawling everywhere again, but she doesn't seem to be in pain, just discomfort. Her therapist did some massaging on her and taped her leg and we are letting her have long baths and not pushing her too hard. I hope she's back to her normal self by the time Sawyer comes!

A couple weeks ago we transitioned her into her "big girl bed." I was a little nervous because she is such a picky sleeper and always has a very hard time with change. But she absolutely LOVES her big girl bed! She is sleeping even better than she was in her crib and has learned that she is not to get out until Mommy comes to get her. I am so thankful for this smooth transition. Here are a couple of pictures of her in her big girl bed.

She also loves to play dress-up and put on all her jewelry. Here are a couple pictures of her all dressed up!

And here's a little video we took this morning...note the typical Suzie Bed Head:)


Chris and Becky Buczinski said...

we are so excited for you guys!! can't wait to see pics of sawyer. i'm sure everything feels so very different this time around and it will be so much more exciting because you will have the joy of a new baby and the joy of watching susie be a big sister.

love you guys!

Debra said...

Awww! I love these pictures and video of Suzie!! She is such a big girl now, it's crazy...with her big girl bed and all. Thanks for posting!! Sorry she injured her leg. Excited for my nephew to be here and praying for a smooth 10 days leading up to his birth.

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

so excited for you guys, and can't wait to "meet" little sawyer! =)

Cathy said...

What a cutie pie! Can't wait to see you in THREE DAYS!!