Thursday, January 26, 2012


So ever since I got data on my phone, all my pics and videos end up on facebook rather than on our blog. I have been so bad about updating this blog! I am not even sure how many people follow our blog, but I know Kyle's parents appreciate an update since they are non-facebookers, so here is one for them!

Sawyer's newest favorite thing to do is stand all by himself! He needs something small on the floor in order to pull himself up like our leg or a toy, but he just loves to stand up as often as possible. He can balance for about 10 seconds and he is all kinds of excited. Here is a video of him doing so:

Happy kiddos with Poppi! Or as Suzie put it, "My friend, Poppi!"

Both kids really enjoy hanging out with their friends:)

Sweet Suzie wearing Mommy's glasses

Tired from a fun day

Mommy and daughter bonding:)

Suzie just loves to read!

Desperately trying to wake up sister!

Not feeling well

And one more video of my sweet boy laughing


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I read you!

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