Tuesday, February 21, 2012


As usual the months just fly by and I can hardly believe it is already February and my baby is going to be 1 next month! We will be in California for his birthday and we are very excited for our much needed vacation and time with family!

Sawyer is getting to be such a big boy! He finally got 2 teeth around 10 months and still has only those two. But this doesn't stop him from eating everything in sight...except fruits and vegetables:) He is a very happy boy but is starting to experience a little bit of separation anxiety when we drop him off at the nursery. Nothing compared to Suzie though! He loves his big sister and his Daddy. Mommy's ok too. We think he says "Dada" and "Ba Ba" for bottle. He might say "Hi!" and "Mama." He can take one step by himself and just loves to stand. Here is a video of him laughing and being the sweet boy we have come to love and another one of him taking a few steps...while I drag him along.

Suzie is also doing wonderfully. She is quite the precocious little 3 1/2 year old and loves to dance, sing, play catch, and I think she could pretty much do puzzles all day long! Her therapists are SO pleased with the progress she has made. In fact, her PT recently did her annual standardized testing on her and said that she has never seen a child with CP make so much progress in just one year. Praise God! The eye doctor is also pleased with how the patching is going and want to continue to patch rather than prescribe glasses for now. Her shunt seems to be doing well, but I am always reminded how quickly she could develop an obstruction and how much I need to be praying for her and praising God for how well she is doing. We are so blessed to have these two little darlings in our lives and we gives thanks to our Mighty Creator who has given us these wonderful gifts. Here are a few more photos:

We got three inches of snow last week and we sure enjoyed it!

Suzie got this castle for Christmas and the kids had a ball playing in it...and destroying it:)
Enjoying time with Nana.
Big girl braids.
Suzie will play dress up with just about anything. This is a basket liner.
Big Boy!!
This is our youth staff! From the left Robin & Timothy (couple) and Blaine (solo...hehe). We praise God for these three folks who not only serve in our youth ministry, but have also become wonderful friends!

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Melissa Ruth said...

wow your kids are so big! and cute!! we miss you guys!! hope you have a great time in california!