Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday, August 4

What a joy it is to have many good reports to bring before you today! First of all, our little Suzie girl is no longer intubated. We attached a few pictures of her new ventilator. Be sure to check out her bracelet in the third's Kyle's wedding ring! While it certainly covers up a lot more of her face, it is so wonderful that she no longer has to have that tube down her throat. The nurse said that her vocal chords are still swollen because the tube was going right in between them for so long. So we have yet to hear any sounds from our little one. But what a joy it will be when we finally get to hear little squeaks and even cries come from her precious voice! Her oxygen has remained in the 20s even on the new ventilator which is so encouraging. She seems so much calmer now than she did a couple of days ago when they first took her off her pain drip. She still moves around quite a bit, but she seems a lot more comfortable. All that being said, it wouldn't be abnormal for her to return to the tube in her mouth, but we are praying for that not to be the case.Her feedings have increased as well. She is now receiving 8ccs, about a third of an ounce, every three hours. Hopefully she will continue to digest what they are giving her so they can continue to increase. Papa Bear was able to hold his little daughter for the first time last night! He only had her in his hand for a few minutes (we are kicking ourselves for not having our camera with us), but it was such a special time for him. She really isn't much bigger than his hand and it was the cutest thing ever to see him so tenderly hold our sweet Suzie.

The neurosurgeon finally came by to look at her sonogram today and decided that she needs to have the reservoirs placed in her brain within the next two to three days. We will certainly keep you posted when we have more info as we will be very grateful for you all to pray for her procedure.

Today we listened to a sermon from Kyle's pastor in Hutchinson on measuring our love for God. Kyle and I were both so convicted that we can so easily place things in this world above our Lord and desire temporal happiness more than we desire to please Him. We were reminded of how much more He loves us than we can even understand and humbled that this is such a wonderful opportunity for us to demonstrate that we love our God more than anything else in this world. Please pray that this would be true for us no matter what is to happen with our little girl.
I don't even know how we can possibly express how much your prayers and encouragement means to us. Suzie is now 18 days old and yet we continue to receive so many encouraging cards, emails, blog posts, phone calls and visits letting us know how many people are upholding us in prayer. We are truly blessed far more than we deserve.


Monique said...

Hi there! Celeste Jones directed me to your blog via her blog so just wanted to drop a note letting you know that I am praying for you all. His grace is sufficient!

Lauren and Larry Brown said...

Dear Kyle & Steph - It is is such an encouragement to see your trust and confidence in our great God and His sovereign care for Suzi. Thank you for the joy and privilege of allowing us to share this time with you and support you in prayer. Please know our hearts are with you.

Much love,
Lauren & Larry Brown

Heidi Shafer said...

Hi Kyle and Steph,

Glad to read the encouraging news. . I cried before the Lord for Suzie with the last report and continue to think of her daily and pray for you both as well. I am encouraged in my own life with your testimony! Keep your heart on Him!

Love Heidi

Anonymous said...

Just talked to your dad and he gave us the news about your little Suzie. We are in a state of shock, we will pray for all of you. "God is good, He is good all the time". Every thing will be OK, we must trust Him!
We will keep checking your blog for updates on Suzie.
Bonnie and Robert from Kansas

RachinSD said... encouraged by your news. I have been praying for you and MAN have you guys been teaching others alot! Your faithfulness and lessons learned are what touches my heart!
Rachel Camarero (Stephens)

Floyd and Celeste said...

I am so glad to hear of Suzie's progress. We continue to pray for her. Keep us updated on what is going on. She is a blessing to everyone who hears about her and the goodness of God in her life!

Texas Girl said...

She is a great little fighter! I am so happy to see her progress and ya'll are continually in my prayers!

The Skifter's said...

Thank you for the comment. I can't even believe you are thinking of me! We have kept you in prayer as well. I'm hoping to see you but so far it hasn't been possible. I am with you in spirit as I wander the hospital and pray for miracles for our two families who are connected through Christ.