Monday, August 11, 2008

Successful Surgery

Thank you so much for all your prayers for Suzie's surgery. We just wanted to let you know that everything went really well. The Neurosurgeon said he drained 10 ccs from her little head and will continue to do so every day until the fluid is under control. She has a little bulge on the top of her head where the fluid is accumulating. They will continue to monitor her over the next several weeks to evaluate where to go from here. Most likely, she will have a shunt put in place in the next four to six weeks. She is still pretty sedated right now and her little heart is racing, but they told us that she did very well so we are very pleased. She will be given pain medication, IV feedings, and remain intubated for the next day or two. We praise God for getting our little girl through this next hurdle and trust that He will continue to guide us down this new path. Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers!


The Bird Nest said...

Continuing to pray for you as you endure this trial. Praise the Lord for little Suzie's successful surgery and for the wisdom of the neurosurgeon!
Thanks for the updates so we know how to pray specifically for you all.

Alicia said...

praise god!

...that video kyle took for you was SO precious! we really loved seeing her sweet face. your daughter is beautiful :o)

we'll keep praying regularly for your fam!

--alicia (&casey) theule

Sara Mallon said...

YEAH!! so thankful that it went well!! and I'm really excited that you guys got to hold Suzie this weekend... that must have been the best thing in the whole world.

Victoria Nelson said...

Praise God for a successful surgery! We're praying for a smooth and speedy recovery for little miss Rockstar. She is the cutest! We pray that Jesus continues to hold you up through this time. God is good.
Love and prayers,
Justin, Victoria, and Moriah

flowersgirl said...

"Praise shall conclude that work which prayer began." (Puritan)William Jenkyn
We are just rejoicing with you that the Lord saw fit to make the surgery successful. And we look forward to praising Him more as He discloses His will for Suzie day by day.
Madeline is praying for your starlet, too. The Flowers

Melissa said...

hooray! i've been praying for you guys and cant wait to come and see you soon.

Tracy and Debbie Kelly said...

Praise God for his Hand! Your little Angel continues to be a Miracle. You are both a great encouragement to me. Your faith & trust in our Savior is manifest in your reactions to the trials you are facing. God Bless you and your "perfect" little family as you continue to seek His will. Debbie Kelly

Beth said...

Chad and i continue to pray for Suzie and you two, as well as the Dr.'s and nurses. We praise the Lord for His ongoing faithfulness and loving mercy that He has shown. We are so blessed to serve such a gracious God. Suzie is so precious and i know that y'all are a beautiful testimony for Christ.

beth & chad coley

Kimmy said...

I am so glad to hear the surgery was a success. I will continue to keep Suzie in my prayers.
Kim Perrone/Hutch