Sunday, September 21, 2008

Experiencing God's Kindness

The Lord has given us so many reasons to thank him through this trial and we received several more reasons to praise Him just this past week. Last Friday we had a little party with our Bible Study to celebrate the Lord's faithfulness in the yard sale the previous weekend. Everyone from our apartment complex was invited to join us as I don't believe there was a single family that didn't contribute in some way to the yard sale. We had such a wonderful time of fellowship with our dear friends and hope we were able to express a fraction of the incredible amount of gratitude that we have for their thoughtfulness, love, and support for us. They put together a slide show of the sale, gave an update on the many ways God was glorified through it, and presented us with a publisher's clearing house style check for...
Six thousand four dollars and 75 cents? Can you believe it?? We were completely blown away by this amount! Our jaws dropped as they presented it to us and we were so humbled and thankful to the Lord for providing abundantly more than we would have even imagined. Thank you Tommy, Sarah, Andrew, Kim, Jonathan, Meredith, Aaron, Jen, Matt, Nelly, John, Kim, Will, Annette, Matt, Ashley, John, Delphine and so many others for your amazing example of loving us as Christ loves. We have learned so much from you all!

This past Saturday my sister threw me the most wonderful baby shower. So many of my dearest friends were able to attend and encourage me in many ways. We again were blown away by the amazing generosity of the body of Christ as they provided for many of our tangible needs in anticipation of bringing Little Suzie home in the next several weeks. The shower included a sweet time of prayer for Suzie and Missy Mehringer was so faithful to exhort young mothers to fear the Lord and seek to honor Him as we raise our children and serve our husbands. I left feeling so refreshed and encouraged to experience sweet fellowship with so many people that I treasure. Thank you ladies for blessing our family! We love you!

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Julie Gebhards said...

I am soooooooooooooo sorry I missed the shower... we celebrated Kurt's birthday on that day... I want to come down sometime next week if possible!! I miss baby Suzie! Could we do a similar arrangement as last time? I'll call tomorrow.