Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Successful Surgery

Thank you all so much for praying for Suzie this afternoon…and the past seven and half weeks! We have so much to praise God for. Her surgery went as well as we could have hoped for. Since her heart rate is normal and they are able to continually lower her oxygen, she doesn’t appear to be in too much pain. We hope that they will be able to extubate her tomorrow or the following day as well as begin her feedings. The neurosurgeon anticipated that she should bounce back in the next few days so we are very excited for that.

The shunt was placed in the back of her head and goes all the way down into her stomach. We were able to see her x-ray and see that the skinny little tube actually swirls all around her whole abdominal cavity. She has plenty of tubing to grow with her for the next several years. The doctor did let us know that it is not uncommon for babies this small to have their shunts get blocked early on and require a shunt revision. We pray that her shunt would work well enough for her to not need a revision, but we trust that the Lord is in control. The doctor also mentioned that she is at risk for infection, so this is another way you can pray for Suzie.

Suzie had a great day today before her surgery. She was so happy and her breathing was doing really well. We posted a video as well as a pre-op and post-op picture of her. She continues to bless us more than we can even describe and we are SO thankful for the many people who are upholding her and us in prayer. We praise God for his incomprehensible mercy and love for us.


Tracy and Debbie Kelly said...

Praise God! I am so happy for Little Suzie. She is definately a little miracle. You all continue to be a blessing to me. Your faith is steadfast! I am excited to go back to the office this morning and tell everyone that "Granddad Dennis' Little Angel" is doing well. I continue to lift her and all of you up to Almighty God. I look forward to your next update. Debbie

Heidi Shafer said...

Yeah, it was a success. Praise the Lord!

We keep you in our prayers! We love you baby Suzie!

Brock and Heidi Shafer

The Mom said...

ohh, she's so precious!

Susan M. Nelson said...

What a little sweetie your Suzie is. Thank you for your encouragment. My prayer is that sharing on our blog with give God the glory. Sometimes it is hard to share but if He can use it then it is worth it.
Whitney's shunt has not needed a revision as of yet. I have put the signs of failure to memory. The first few months I was very concerned and now I hardly notice that it is there. It is just a part of who she is.
Isn't the body of believers amazing? What blessings our families have received.
Prayerful in Christ, Susan Nelson

Lindsay said...

Wow you guys - I am amazed at or faith over these last several weeks. Praise God for another successful surgery - and I will continue to praise Him for all the support you are recieving, what a blessing that is.

Take care - and thank you for updating faithfully. I love knowing what to pray for specifically.