Thursday, September 4, 2008

Suzie's Shunt Surgery

Yesterday afternoon we were told that Suzie's shunt surgery is scheduled for Monday at 5:00pm. We were a little bummed that it was put off till next week, but we are grateful that they were able to at least schedule it so early in the week. Suzie has been up and down with her breathing and is retaining fluids a little bit--thus she is gaining too much weight. They are giving her some additional protein to help her absorb her feedings better and our hope is that both her breathing and weight gain would get better once she has recovered from the surgery.

Please join us in praying for a successful surgery and recovery. The surgery should last for about an hour and her recovery will be similar to the recovery from her last surgery. She will have to be intubated and start from scratch on weaning her off of the ventilator and gradually increasing her feedings. She will be sedated for a couple of days as well.

Today, Suzie experienced her first attempt at bottle feeding! The therapist was very pleased with how she did. She is good at rooting and sucking, but needs to get the breathing, sucking, swallowing thing down better. She ate 12 ccs from the bottle and was fed the rest of her feeding through her tube. They will begin to work with her again after her surgery.

We’ll let you know how the surgery goes. Thank you for your support!


Matthew said...

Kyle and Steph, she's so beautiful. I'm so excited that she's at 4lbs. :) We will be praying for you and the surgery. Thanks for letting us know all the updates.
Love, Ashley Mehringer

Victoria Nelson said...

She is such a sweet angel. We are thinking of you guys, and will continue to lift you up in prayer.
Victoria Nelson

Osero's said...

I will thinking of Suzie and your family on Monday. I hope things go smoothly for all. What a precious little girl. What a story to tell her when she's bigger..that you had to teach her how to eat. I tell my daughter that all the time. Take care

Kimmy said...

Little Suzie is getting so big, our prayers will be with you and Suzie during the surgery. We continue to keep your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Dawn Lanning said...

I will be thinking of Suzie and your family on Monday. It's great to hear the she is at 4lbs. What a beautiful little girl. Your in my prayers.
Dawn Lanning

Alicia said...

she is such a precious girl :o)

we'll keep praying for your sweet family!

Sara Mallon said...

Hey, we're praying for you guys today!!!