Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it Really Almost March??

Things are going very well here at the Sanderson home. I have gone into an organization kick so all my free time is spent cleaning out every cupboard, closet, bookshelf, and you name it! I am throwing/giving away things we don't need, packing up things that we don't need in our little one bedroom so we can store it, and trying to make the most sense of all the remaining items. We are currently looking for an affordable two bedroom but that's no easy task here in Southern California. So for now we are making the most of what we have:)

Suzie continues to grow and bring us more and more joy. She is getting better at using the right side of her body, which was a concern that the therapists had noticed. She rolls from her tummy to her back consistently and is starting to roll more from her back to tummy. She likes to sit up, but doesn't care for her bumbo seat. She loves to stand up while we're holding her. Now that she rolls over more, she is starting to wake up earlier:) But she is still a very good sleeper so we are very thankful. She doesn't particularly like to eat so I do my best to get her to take 4-5 ounces five times a day. She'll take the first ounce very well and then lose interest! We haven't started her on solids yet because the last time we went to the pediatrician, she still didn't have the best head control. Her head is still a little heavier from the hydrocephalus, but I think when we go next month they will give us the go ahead. She is now in size 2 diapers but she is still wearing her 0-3 month clothes for now. She has a special daddy smile. Every day when Kyle comes home, he gets a special smile from our little girl. It's so precious! She loves to chat, smile, squeal and loves to be held as often as possible!

Suzie had her first trip to the snow a couple of weeks ago! We went to Forest Home for the night. We had a great time, but she didn't really care for her new surroundings:) We did get some fun snow pictures though! Sorry I'm not the best photographer. She doesn't like the flash so they are kind of dim, and she moves so much, they are blurry! They are still cute though:)

Getting stronger!

I was so glad to capture her happy face, I didn't even mind that it was blurry!

This was the huge cabin we got to stay in!

And this was the view!

All bundled up and ready for the snow!

She didn't quite know what to make of the snow...

Nice and toasty in the cabin!

Suzie loves her time with daddy:)

She is now almost exactly 1/3 the size of daddy!

She'll tolerate the bumbo for a few minutes before getting tired of it


Holly said...

Fun times in the snow!! That is so great! I can't wait for Addison to have her first snow experience, especially since we grew up in KS. Sounds like Suzie is doing really well. We are so happy for you guys!

Nelly said...

There's always might find an affordable 2 bedroom up here :) That would be so great!