Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well I thought I would post a few new videos of little Suzie. She is doing very well and adjusting to her new schedule quite nicely. It has been very nice for me to be able to get a little more done during the day. I am able to spend more time with Lord which is a huge blessing. And I've been able to clean more and even start exercising! Now I have no excuses:) She takes one really good nap in the morning when I try to get as much done as I can. Then she usually takes another pretty good nap later in the day and two shorter ones. But she really seems to be in a much better mood. I am realizing what a sacrifice it is to plan my day around her naps. I can't really go many places other than where I have to go if I want to stick to her schedule. My sister says it gets much easier when they cut back to just two naps a day but right now she is at four! So I look forward to that day. She is sleeping peacefully right now which is why I am able to post this stuff:)

Here is a picture from the Suzie's first wedding! Kyle was in two weddings last month and she was able to make an appearance at both. She made quite the impression at this wedding when she started crying in the middle of the sermon! I had to quickly rush her out the door but everyone heard her. So I learned my lesson and at the next wedding, we stayed outside:)

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