Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Suzie had been very fussy for about two weeks and I was pretty sure that it was because she wasn't getting enough nap time during the day. Kyle and I would take turns pacing around the apartment with her to try to console her. Then she would fall asleep in our arms and wake up the minute we put her down. She was only sleeping for about 20 minutes here and there and I realized it was time to start her on a schedule. She has been on a feeding schedule since she came home from the hospital, but I realized it was time to put her on a nap and wake time schedule as well. First step was to set up the pack n' play in our bedroom for her to nap in. Since her room is only separated by a curtain in our living room, allowing her to cry for a long time in her crib is just not an option. The first few days were incredibly rough. She would cry for 20 minutes and then I would go to console her and the poor girl would have her whole face just covered in tears. When I would pick her up she would do the very sad little whimper cry. Then I would put her down and she would cry for another 20 minutes. Then I would pick her up and she would be so worn out, she would fall asleep in my arms. Then I would put her down only to have here wake up 20 minutes later! So it was a very tough few days. By the third or fourth day, she finally learned to cry herself to sleep. Not for every nap, but one or two a day. Then on Sunday, she was actually starting to just fall right asleep without crying! She is still struggling with taking longer naps. Some times she will nap for an hour or even an hour and a half, but other times she only sleeps for 30 minutes before waking. But we are seeing improvement and in just a few days! I'm so thankful for that. And she seems to be happier now that she is getting more sleep. It is very difficult to be consistent with all her different appointments. But I am working on being as consistent as possible.

Here therapy continues to go very well. The therapist reminded me this morning that it is too early to tell if Suzie has any cognitive disabilities. It was something I hadn't really thought about in a while. So it was a sobering reminder to pray fervently for our little girl's development.

We finally got our camera back so here are a few pictures I snapped this morning. She smiles a lot, but it's very hard to capture a smile in a picture. I'll try to get more smiley photos later.

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Joyful said...

I love the pictures! She's such a little lady with her head band. Great job with the scheduling! I'm so glad it's getting easier and she's finally getting some rest.

Karyn Hughes said...

So cute and getting so big! You guys are awesome for figuring out her needs and being resolute at trying for more than one day! Have you talked to the OT about her not sleeping consistently and not soothing herself to sleep too well? It definitely could be helped by some OT strategies. I miss you, Steph!!

Wendy said...

Those pictures are wonderful - I can't believe how big and beautiful she is :)
I had the same issue with Milo learning to nap by himself and if I remember correctly, it took a couple weeks. (Obviously, our situations aren't exact... :)

I don't know what scheduling difficulties you're having vs. napping, but I learned that you can be flexible with consistency. For example, I would always put Milo down to nap in the same way, in the same place (in the p-n-p whether at my house, somewhere else or what), with the same type of routine (feed, burp, change, nap, etc), but the time could be different. It could be at 1 instead of 3 or whatever. Once he recognized the routine, he knew what was coming and that was that.

The Martinez Family said...

Congrats on your succcess in scheduling - it made all the difference with Zoe too. When I was struggling my way though all this, a friend recommended the Baby Whisperer series of books which helped out with this topic and which you might find interesting too - my favourite is The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems, by Tracy Hogg. Whatever you do though, consistency seems to be the most important factor, so congrats and stick with it!

cindi8d said...

She is getting SO big and I love the pics! Her eyes are beautiful!

Carla said...

Those low light pictures on the couch are adorable! That little girl is so beautiful.
Hope the new scheduling is working.

JP said...

Steph!I'm having the same issues with Emma napping and now sleeping. I have had a really hard time this week especially. Thank you so much for posting what you are doing. I am going to try it. BTW... Suzie looks so adorable. Can she be around other babies yet? Could we hang out some time?


The Mom said...

Hey Stephanie...just wanted to say hi :o) I remember so well the difficult days of teaching my little girl to sleep on her own. She was one who would have loved to sleep in my arms for 20 minutes at a time, whenever she felt like she needed a nap. And teaching her to sleep in her bed was, as you've described, a long emotional process for mommy and baby. But, I'm so thankful for the wise counsel given to me to let her cry and learn to sleep. Now, at 21 months she is a GREAT sleeper and has been for many months. I'm not looking forward to this process with baby #2, but I'm thankful for previous experiences, maybe it will make it easier. Hang in there! Your love and care for your little one are such a joy to see!

Liesy T said...

Good for you Steph! I've been wanting to post for awhile now as I'm following your blog regularly but life isn't back to "normal" yet but great with baby Hudson :-) Anyways, I think it's so great that your scheduling baby Susie. I'm trying to do the same with Hudson but it's my first time and it's HARD! I read "Preparation for parenting" a couple times and still find myself calling my mentor several times a week. I think of you when it gets hard especially when he's screaming but with the Lord's help and wisdom we'll get there...eventually.
Praise the Lord for how far he's brought you three - it is such a JOY to see baby Susie and her growth. You're a cute family!