Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Day in the Life of Suzie

This is Suzie’s schedule on a day we are home all day:

8:30am Wake up & eat
9:00am Play time!
10:00am Nap time
12:00pm Wake up & eat
12:30pm Hang out with mommy while I get things done
1:30pm Go for a walk and take a nap
3:30pm Wake up & eat
4:00pm Bath and play time
5:00pm Nap time!
7:00pm Wake up and eat
7:30pm Special Daddy time
8:30pm Bed time
10:30pm Last feeding
11:00pm Down for the night

Wouldn’t it be nice if she really stuck to this schedule? She usually takes one or two really good naps every day, and two shorter naps. So she’ll wake up earlier than she’s supposed to and we have to try to get her to go back to sleep or put on Baby Einstein for her. She loves Baby Einstein! Also, ever since she started rolling, she squirms right out of her swaddle and wakes up earlier in the morning than she is supposed to. Silly girl. Sometimes I bring her into bed with me and she'll go back to sleep. When she gets good sleep, she is just as happy as can be:)

Just how many days a week are we home all day to stick to this wonderful schedule? Not many! Here is the list of all the other things we have on our plate that throw off our day:

-Physical Therapy (every Wednesday at 10:30am—we go to Valencia)
-Occupational Therapy (every Friday at 9:45am—she comes to us)
-Child Development (every Tuesday at 1:00pm—she comes to us)
-RSV Shot (once a month in Pasadena)
-Pediatrician Visit (once a month in Pasadena)
-Pulmonary Specialist (once ever three weeks in Pasadena)
-Ophthalmologist (once every two months in Pasadena)
-Neurosurgeon (once every two to three months in Pasadena)
-Hunting Hospital Follow up (once every several months)
-Visit Auntie Deece in Palmdale (every other week)
-Visit Auntie Joy in Valencia (once a week)
-Run errands with Mommy (once a week)
-Bible Study (every other week)
-Random events like Weddings, baby showers, Juniors events, getting together with friends etc. (once a week)

So you can see, we are rarely home all day for Suzie to have her perfect little schedule. I do my best to stay home when I can or put her down for a nap if we are at someone’s home. We have to be careful that she isn’t around anyone who is sick, but it is good for her to be around other people and to not be too sheltered so we can build up her immune system even in a small way.

Her new thing is to cry as soon as she sees her therapist. She doesn't want to work at all! But if I hold her for the first part of it, we can usually get her to calm down a little. She is doing great with the therapy. Her right side is still very tight. Still not sure if this is neurological or just muscular. But the Lord knows, and we pray every day for her continual development and for us to trust Him and be grateful to Him no matter what happens.

Here are our most recent family pictures (courtesy of Kim Small:)


Mrs. Dan said...

Sounds like you're having lots of fun. :) Praying for y'all! :)

Holly said...

Love, love, love those family pics!! They are fantastic!

Kim said...

Great pics!!!!

Melissa said...

wow what a crazy schedule! but the good thing is that it will keep suzie flexible. i love the family pics; she's growing so fast!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

these put a smile on my face and melted my heart. suzie is just so incredibly adorable!!!!
thinking of u guys.

Chaplain Rudy said...

hi there - i have been trying to make contact - remember me chaplain rudy - made a number of visits to suzie while at the hospital -you gave me your blog - my wife and i have BEEN praying much for suzie and parents!we rejoice with you in suzie's progress ...PTL...KEEP YOUR KNEES BENT AND CHINS UP...CHAPLAIN RUDY