Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy 8 Month Birthday!

Suzie is eight months old today, five months adjusted. Her appointment on Monday was so good! She did cry when I undressed her to get weighed, but since she didn't need any shots, I was able to get her to calm down fairly quickly. Our doctor recommended we do have her get the RSV shot next month since the cold and flu season hit late this year. She also suggested we wait another month before taking her to church. This was a little sad, since we really look forward to being able to go to church as a family. But we really haven't had to limit her activities all that much, so we are very thankful for that.

One fun new thing is that we get to start her on solid foods! The past few days we have been giving her rice cereal with her morning feeding. She always has a puzzled look on her face and it seems like her little tongue pushes out everything I try to put in her mouth. She doesn't quite know what to make of it. She must be eating more than I think though because she will only take about half of what she normally eats from her bottle. If she does well with the cereal for the next week, we will add a veggie and then a fruit. Everything else looked great! She is growing and developing so nicely and we praise God.

Here are her 8 month stats (percentiles are for her adjusted age of 5 months old):
Weight: 13 lbs. 6 oz (16th percentile)
Height: 25.5 inches (55th percentile)
Head Circumference: 16.3 inches (29th percentile)

She's still not quite on the charts for her actual age, but she's getting closer! All of the sudden she looks SO big to us! Since we have a portable crib for her, she is starting to fill it up. And her feet now hang off her swing. She is starting to wear 3-6 month clothes, but still in a lot of 0-3 month stuff as well. Since her torso is long and her legs are short, she is able to wear 0-3 month pants and sleepers but needs 3-6 month onesies.

Lately, Suzie has become quite a momma's girl. Sometimes she does okay with other people. But her new thing is to get really fussy when someone else tries to hold her. The other day she was in such a sweet mood. Then her therapist came over and the minute she touched her she became quite fussy. She struggled the whole time the therapist was here and the minute she left, Suzie went back to her sweet smiley mood. Her past several therapy sessions were a bit of a struggle. When we went to my sister's house yesterday, she was a mess for part of the time and very sweet for half of the time. The same thing happened last night when Kyle's sister was here. I have had a few friends over and it's the same story. Sometimes she stops crying as soon as I hold her, and other times she doesn't stop until we are alone. Sigh. I am thankful my little girl loves me, but at the same time, I hope she outgrows this phase quickly!

Thank you all for your prayers for Suzie and also for the funding for her therapy. They did end up cutting the budget for her services, but thankfully they are going to continue the program. They are going to be stricter on what children actually need and no new children will be accepted to the program until a current child leaves. So we made it in just in time! Her hours may end up being cut back a little, but she will continue to receive this much needed therapy, so we are so thankful to God for his mercy.

Well, this post ended up being very long! Thanks for following our sweet girl and for continuing to pray for us!

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Karyn Hughes said...

I'm so proud of her! It was so nice to be able to see her and hold her this past weekend, I can't believe how big she is! I'm glad she didn't cry when I held her :0)