Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Suzie has been doing very well the past few days and is very glad to be out of the hospital. She doesn't seem to be in all that much pain which is a huge blessing. Her main problems when returning home were eating and sleeping. She was very tired but had a little trouble staying asleep and would cry in her sleep which was very sad. She also had not been eating very much and was throwing up for a few days. As of today, she really seems back to normal! Her bandage fell off today and I think the incision is bothering her a little, but other than that, she is doing so well. We praise God for the quick surgery and recovery and are so thankful for all of your prayers! Here are some pics of her bandage and incision, as well as a few that our friend Kim took before the surgery.


Debra said...

VERY cute pictures!! Her smile is so adorable.

Liesy said...

Awww! She is soooo cute! We will be praying for a complete, quick, painless recovery. Praising God that she is well.

jaymie said...

these pictures are SOOO sweet. I am so glad that the revision is behind you. I totally agree with you that it seems worse when you'v ehad them with you and then have to send them in to surgery! UGHH!! She's a tough gal and so are her paretnts (sharing with 2 other kids!! AHHHH!) I hope everything gets back to normal soon!!!