Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Big Switch-A-Roo

Well it's almost July and time is just continuing to fly on by. We are certainly enjoying the cooler weather and I try to take Sue out for walks as much as I can. I wrote a few weeks ago that Suzie has been waking up a lot 6:00am instead of 9:00am! So we decided this week to switch rooms with her and put all her stuff in our bedroom and our bed in the little cove in the back of our living room. So far, this is working out much better and Suzie is able to sleep in later now that she has a door to shut out all the morning noise (eh hem...Kyle eating cereal and getting ready for school:) It took her a few nights to get comfortable in her new surroundings, but last night she went down without a whimper and woke up happily at 8:30am:) Here are a couple of pics of the new set up.

Suzie is wearing a combination of 3-6 and 6-9 month clothing and is still in a size 2 diaper. One of her new things is that she wants to roll over and explore things when we're changing her diaper. This can make changing a poopy diaper an even greater challenge!

I also wanted to give a brief update on her development. Here are some areas where Suzie is falling behind and we are working on catching her up in therapy:
-sitting up by herself (she can sit up for 10-15 seconds but she should be able to sit up and play by herself for long periods of time)
-weight bearing on her arms
-fine motor skills (grabbing, shaking, turning objects) with her right arm
-some fine motor skills on left side (using her thumb and index finger to grab)
-more consonant sounds (she does a lot of "b"s but not "g"s and "m"s etc.

Here are some things we are working on that she's not necessarily behind in for her adjusted age:
-relational play (getting her to brush a baby doll's hair and feed the baby doll a bottle)
-wave bye-bye (she loves to look at my hand when I wave and will occasionally move her hand as well, but not waving so much)
-crawling (sitting is the first step, but we're trying to get her into crawling position to help her learn to put more weight on her arms)
-taking rings off a ring stacker (she can do this but forgets and has to relearn every time:)
-pulling a cloth off of a hidden object
-give us an object when we tell her to

Here are some areas where she is right on track for:
-rolling from back to tummy back to her back (she is a rolling machine!)
-pivoting when on her tummy to face the direction of a toy (or mommy:)
-passing objects from one hand to the other
-pulling multiple objects out of a bowl
-banging two objects together
-bearing weight through her legs
-responding to sounds
-tracking objects and looking for a dropped object
-eating puffs and feeding them to herself (we introduced the puffs to her last week and today she started feeding herself for the first time! Here is a video of her feeding herself)


Karyn Hughes said...

Oh my goodness, look at that bottom!! So cute! I'm proud of her and of you for working so hard on her development. You sound like you are a professional with the way you describe and explain what you're working on! She looks great, I can't wait to see her in July!

Jen said...

Love the tush! I can't believe she's almost a year, how incredible to see where the Lord has brought her.

How much school do you guys have left? We are missing Grace so much, mostly the consistent preaching and fellowship, but are enjoying being done!

I'm glad I get to continue to see you guys through the blog and watch miss suzie grow up.

Holly said...

So cute! I love the pics on her changing table!!! She is getting so big!

Denise said...

Cute tushy! That girl sure has a big room! Where is all YOUR stuff? It can't possibly fit in the cove. Your "bedroom" really looks nice, can't tell it's really part of the living room.