Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yippie-Yah-Yay Mini Sirloin Burgers

There is this Jack-in-the-Box commercial that makes Kyle and me laugh every time. It's advertising their mini sirloin burgers so they have these little people roping miniature cattle and they sing this song in really high little voices. The song will get stuck in our heads and we'll sing it on occasion. Well just recently Suzie has decided that she really HATES that song! She will make this pouty little face and if we keep singing she will start crying. It's so funny.

Things are going well here. Suzie has now completely recovered from her surgery. She has decided that she wants to wake up earlier now, against my pleading for her to sleep longer:) Two of her therapists recently informed me that when she turns 1 (next month!) they would like to increase her therapy to two hours a week. She is doing really well with her left side but her right side is still behind. This is keeping her from sitting on her own for very long and also using her fine motor skills on that side. That means we will have five hours of therapy every week! As if we're not busy enough:) Here are her 11 month stats and percentiles for her adjusted age of 8 months:

Weight: 16lbs. 4oz. (15th percentile)
Height: 27 1/2 in. (60th percentile)
Head: 17.9 in. (90th percentile...down .3 inches since before her surgery!)

Other than that, we are doing great here! Our really good friends, Andrew and Kim Callaway, recently moved up North to be a youth pastor at a church in Redding, California. We really miss them but are so excited for them too. We will be transitioning to High School ministry this month to get some experience in youth ministry ourselves. And Kyle is officially candidating! He graduates in December and we are hoping to find a church to go to as early as January 2010. We are in the very early stages of talking with a church in San Antonio, Texas and look forward to visiting the church in the middle of August to see what the Lord might have in store for us.

Here are some more pics of our precious girl. She continues to bless us more and more each day and we continually praise God for her!

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Holly said...

She is absolutely SO precious and getting so big!!! I am so glad that she has completely recovered from her surgery. You guys are such good parents...can you believe that these girls are going to be 1?!?! Wow!!