Monday, July 6, 2009

Great Grumpy's Birthday

On Friday my family all got together to celebrate my grandpa's 92nd birthday! We call him Great Grumpy because that is the name my sister's kids gave him a while ago. We had a great time celebrating with him and we are so thankful for his very generous and loving heart.

Here is Suzie and her Great Grumpy!

This is Suzie and her newest cousin Ashley, exactly 10 months apart! Although it's more like 7 months. Suzie looks so big!!

All the Wahler grandchildren all lined up from oldest to youngest. Shelby at 5 years, Jason at 2 1/2 years, Suzie at 1 year, and Ashley at 2 months.

Jason and Suzie both playing with their toes:)

Showing some tummy with Daddy

Showing a little attitude

Happy with mom:)

Our newest family pic!


Michelle said...

I love the newest family pic! Andrew and I were talking about how strong you and Kyle have had to be. We can't even fathom what you have been thru with Suzie now having a SMALL taste ourselves of having a nicu baby. Thank you for your example of strength and trust in the Lord! Praise the Lord for sustaining your beautiful little girl!

Holly said...

Suzie is getting SO big!!! Can't believe she is almost's so crazy! I love the family picture! Hope you guys are doing well!

Pastor Rudy said...

hi there-remember me -volunteer chaplain at hmh-you gave me your blog-many months ago - for lack -of computer knowledge i have not been able to comment...we pray often for suzie's progress- and for faithful mom and dad. continue to live faithful...carry on...appreciate your glog...chap rudy kronst