Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Suzie!

Our precious girl is one year old today! I can hardly even believe it was a year ago that she came into this world, three months before her due date. One year ago we were told that our baby girl had a 40% chance of surviving. And now here she is, healthy and happy and doing so great! We praise God for blessing us with this little one and for allowing us to be stewards of her for however long He allows. We praise Him for teaching us so much over the past year and for blessing us far more than we ever imagined. Happy birthday Little Suzie!

July 18, 2008

July 18, 2009

Here is a little recap of some the events of the past year, thanks to the wonderful calendar my sis made for me:

7/17 Mom checked into the hospital due to lack of movement from baby
7/18 Suzie is born at 5:44am
7/19 transferred from Glendale Adventist to Huntington Memorial
7/24 Mommy got to hold baby in her hands for the first time
7/19 Suzie first tried Mommy's milk
8/4 switched from intubation to c-pap machine
8/7 Mommy held Suzie in arms for first time!
8/7 switched from c-pap to nasal cannula
8/9 Daddy held Suzie for first time!
8/11 Suzie's first surgery to install a reservoir to relieve her hydrocephalus
8/16 first time doing cuddle care
8/18 started wearing clothes
8/21 moved to first step down nursery B
9/4 first attempt to drink from a bottle
9/8 Suzie's second surgery to put in her shunt (back to critical care nursery A)
9/13 moved from incubator to crib
9/14 moved to second step down nursery C
9/30 drank a whole bottle
10/8 first attempt off oxygen
10/10 due date! Weighed 6 lbs. 2 oz., 20 inches
10/11 back on oxygen
10/14 off oxygen except for feedings
10/15 drank all 8 bottles on her own
10/18 Suzie came home after 92 days in the hospital
11/7 third surgery--laser eye surgery
11/23 Suzie laughed for the first time
12/25 first Christmas
1/6 first session of therapy
1/18 six months old!
1/27 started scheduling
2/13 first time to see snow
3/3 completely off oxygen
3/16 started solid foods
4/8 can sit for a few seconds on own
4/26 first time going to church
5/2 NICU reunion
5/4 first two little teeth appear
5/18 became a cousin again to Ashley Sharon Case
6/5 surgery to repair shunt
6/6 came home from hospital
7/18 first birthday!!


Mrs. Dan said...

Happy Birthday Suzie! Happy having a 1 year old day Kyle and Stephanie!

Michelle said...

happy birthday! it has been such a blessing to follow your journey little suzie!

Holly said...

Happy Happy Birthday Suzie!!! I hope that her day was as special as she is. And congrats to you, Steph & Kyle, on an amazing job this past year! You made it!!! Our God is so good and I just praise Him as we celebrate Suzie being ONE!!!

Ryan said...

Wow Kyle. Suzie's story is amazing. Congrats to all she has accomplished in the last year! She is a beautiful little girl.
Molly Heinlein (Herndon)