Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Suzie's First Year

With Suzie's birthday just two days away, I wanted to post some pictures from the past twelve months of her life. We can hardly even believe how big our little girl is! She continues to be such a delight to us. We go to the doctor on Monday, so I will get her current stats then. Also, her therapists are currently doing her one year reports, so I should have some info on where they put her developmentally. She is getting closer to sitting on her own, but she really doesn't like it because it pulls on her tight muscles on her right side. She would much rather prefer to stand or lay down. More info on her development to come, but for now, here is a picture from each month of her life. Look how much she has changed!! We think she's cuter now than ever:)

On the day of her birth, weighing 1 lb 14 oz, and 13 1/4 inches long. She was about 27 1/2 weeks along, but pretty small for her age.

One Month

Two Months

Three Months

Four Months

Five Months

Six Months

Seven Months

Eight Months

Nine Months

Ten Months

Eleven Months

12 month pictures will be posted soon!!


Holly said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Suzie!!! She is so beautiful and I am just so proud of how far she's come!! Its a true testament to what awesome parents you guys are! Great job and congrats on 1 year!! Enjoy her special day!

M or J said...

Ahh, I loved seeing how much she's grown. Happy Birthday little Suzie! That last picture of her is stunning! I'm so thankful the Lord has given her to you both for a full year! He is so good and has done so much in her little life already!

The Bird Nest said...

Praise God for her life and development, and for the way that you have trusted the Lord in all things over the past year. Happy Birthday, little Suzie! You have come so far. I just happen to be 27 1/2 weeks pregnant right now so seeing the pictures of her at her birth absolutely amaze me. Continuing to pray as Suzie undergoes her therapy. Thanks for your blog, as it is a testament to God's grace and sovereignty.