Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Faithful Witness

I am very curious why John chose to write about Anna rather than one of the many other women in the Bible who seem to have more relevance. What about Esther or Elizabeth? Yet John calls Anna the most faithful of all these women because she prayed and fasted for over 60 years faithfully. I guess that does make her quite extraordinary doesn’t it?? Like Karyn and Denise, I was very convicted about my prayer life. I have gone through good times of prayer and dry times of prayer throughout my life…and I am currently in a very dry time! My prayer life can barely even be characterized as weak right now as I find it difficult to devote even five minutes in the morning in reverent prayer. I justify it by saying that I will pray throughout the day…which I sometimes do, but not usually. The truth is, I must do both! I must begin my day with a time devoted to the Lord in prayer…giving only Him my attention at that time. Then I must pray without ceasing all day long. Please pray for me in this and hold me accountable. I desire to be intimate with the Lord and I cannot do this if I am not committed to prayer.

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