Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Portrait of Feminine Grace

I finished reading the chapter on Hannah this afternoon and I was thoroughly blessed by it! I had no idea what an amazing woman Hannah was. I loved how John went into the love she had for her husband, for heaven, and for her children. I loved that her desire to have kids was purely to glorify God and that was proven in her request to God and her fulfillment of her vow to Him. I loved so many things about her and pray to God that I can be a wife and mother like her! One thing I was especially encouraged by was the fact that John says she was so pure when everything around her was so wicked (or something like that). He was saying that her faith in God and devotion to Him was especially refreshing because there were very few people like that during her time. How amazing! I find myself so dependent on my circumstances and my church and fellowship and what I'm learning...but she was faithful despite her unfavorable circumstances! Not to mention she desperately wanted to have children but was unable to and was taunted by her husband's other wife! What an amazing example of faithfulness she was. I pray to God that I would have such faith.

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