Thursday, July 12, 2007

Finding the Water of Life

I did like this chapter on the Samaritan woman, but felt it was a little more intellectual rather than applicational than some of the other chapters. I was surprised to learn how the woman was already drawn to the Lord before she even met Him. John talks about how she didn’t lie when she said she had no husband, but rather seemed ashamed of her sin. Jesus actually commended her for speaking truthfully! I was struck by his compassion over her even though she was living such a sinful lifestyle. And her response was exactly what we would hope to see in anyone we witness to! Of course Jesus knew her heart—something we cannot do when we interact with people. But we should have the hope that God can save anyone just like that if it is His desire to do so. I thought it was really encouraging to see her response and to remember how compassionate God is to sinners…to us!

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