Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life at Home

Well we have been home with Suzie for six days and things are going so well! The first two nights we had Suzie sleeping in a bassinet right next to our bed. She cried all night long except when we held her. I got less than two hours of sleep both nights and we knew something needed to change. I noticed that she would be okay when I put her in the bassinet until I turned the light off. So we realized that she seemed to be afraid of the dark. They always had lights on at the hospital so she had never experienced it so dark before. So we moved her into her nursery and left a light on for her and she has been doing much better ever since. Now I get closer to five hours of sleep a night which is pretty good for having a newborn baby!

We were having trouble getting her to drink her bottles for a while. She would only take 1/2 to 3/4 of each bottle we offered her. I was getting concerned about her weight gain, but we went to the pediatrician on Wednesday and she had gained 7 ounces in just four days! So she is doing fine on her weight gain. Everything else looked good too. We realized later that day that the reason she isn't drinking very well is because she doesn't like all the things they were having me add to her milk to help her weight gain. I have been adding a teaspoon of formula, a teaspoon of rice cereal, and a dash of vegetable oil. Once I stopped adding these things she drinks a lot more milk and very quickly! So we are so glad that she is able to drink much better now.

Suzie has enjoyed spending time with both of her Grandmas...even though neither of them would prefer to be called, "Grandma" :)

Nana was able to visit her from Kansas this past week

and Mema is able to come by and visit several times a week

We enjoy putting her in her swing...but she doesn't always care for it

One of her favorite things is to be able to spend more time with Daddy now that she is home

Suzie has learned to roll onto her side so I had to put the wedgie in the crib to keep her from rolling over. As you can see, it didn't really do much good:)

Here's a little video of our girl in her swing

What a joy this past week has been with our precious Suzie finally home with us! We praise God for bringing her home to us so quickly and so healthy! How merciful He is to us.


Adrienne said...

Praise God!!!!!

Karyn Hughes said...

Sounds like she has some sensory preferences -- wanting to sleep with the light on! I have heard of some babies being so used to all the noises, that parents have found it useful to turn on some "white noise," like a radio turned to static or a fan, something that makes a little noise that can soothe her. I'm so glad that you're figuring out her preferences and able to get more sleep! And it's great that she's rolling to her side! Yay Suzie!

Nelly said...

It's so good to see Suzie in your apartment. We are praising the Lord with you!

Texas Girl said...

I am so happy for ya'll that your lovely little girl is home! I continue to pray for all three of you

Becky said...

How precious. Thanks for keeping us updated. May God continue to bless your family.

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Oh my goodness, Suzie is so stinkin cute! It's such a joy to see her at home with you guys. Thinking of you...

Caleb Kolstad said...