Monday, October 13, 2008

A Step Backwards

Well we were warned that this would be a roller coaster ride and we just experienced another little dip. Suzie did so well off oxygen for three days. She was awake for good portions of the day, continued to drink her 5-6 bottles per day very well, and was breathing better than she ever had. But I think all the work caught up to her and they had to put her back on oxygen on Saturday morning. She was just so exhausted this whole weekend. She is still on a low flow of oxygen and doing well. She is finishing most of her bottles, but they won't try to give her 8 bottles/day until she finishes every last drop of every bottle. So it looks like we won't be taking her home this week, but we are still hoping she comes home some time this month. We'll keep you posted!

Please continue to pray for her development and for us to trust in the Lord and be patient. We heard an excellent sermon from Nathan Busenitz in church yesterday. He was talking about how our hope can only be in God during the financial uncertainty that our country is facing. Kyle and I both applied this to our situation right now and it was a great reminder that we can only hope in God during this uncertainty with our little girl. He is in control of every detail of our lives and we can hope in His wisdom and goodness!

We're pretty much ready for her here at home. Here are some pictures of the nursery that awaits her...


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Hey guys,
Sorry we couldn't meet up with you last week - things were a little crazy. We will be keeping little Suzie in our prayers. What an incredible job she's doing with feeding! Praise God for that!
Her nursery looks beautiful. You both are an awesome Mom and Dad.
Lots of love,
the Nelsons

Debra said...

The nursery looks so good! You did a great job! We are hitting the road tomorrow morning and can't wait to see you three...see you soon!!!

Cathy said...

only a micro mini setback, sweetie. And as anxious as you are to have your precious Suzie home with you, God knows the timing best.

Our miracle Suzie is a fighter and when the time is right, she'll drink eight bottles, get off oxygen, and thrive at home.

Love you all so very much,
Yo Mama

kelly said...

what a precious nursery! i love the little lights around the ceiling!

Priscilla said...

Steph, Great job on the nursery! I love how it turned out!! The dresser looks great and works well as the changing table too! Good job. We think about you guys a lot and are praying for you!