Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fun with the Girls

It seems like when you have a baby, you basically eat, breath, and sleep motherhood! It is a wonderful job and I am so blessed to be able to spend so much time with my little girl. But I have also been so blessed to spend time with the incredible families in our Bible Study. We have the neatest group of people in "The Knot." Everyone is so giving and you all saw by the amazing garage sale they did for us! Every other Thursday night, some of the ladies from our study come over to our house so that we can have some girl bonding time. It is one of my favorite days. These girls are hilarious and we have so much fun together. They come over at 7:00 and they usually are here until 10:30 or even later! We just can't stop chatting. Here are some pics from our last gathering:

Top Row: Ashley, Kim D., Kim C.
Bottom Row: Me, Annette, Sarah

Four of us also live in the same apartment complex, which is very neat. We are all in different stages as far as kiddos go. Sarah has two little girls and one more on the way. Kim D. has twin boys. I have one little Suzie. Annette is expecting in August. Kim C. is ready for a kiddo when the Lord allows. And Ashley is waiting a little bit before having kids. It is such a blessing to spend time with these great gals!


Wendy said...


Nathan said...

That's...a lot of gals. I hope Kyle has the good sense to run and hide every other Thursday.

Matthew said...

Yay! How fun that you put us in a post! I'm going to miss our meetings so much...Steph, can you just be an honorary member next year and still be apart of the prayer time? I'd like that. :)