Friday, May 22, 2009

Shunt Update

Two and half weeks ago we were told that it was likely that Suzie's shunt was not working properly. The doctor said her ventricles were much bigger than they should be and her head size had gone from the 2nd to the 60th percentile. So we were very eager to set an appointment for Suzie to be seen again by the doctor. The only thing standing in our way...getting it approved by our insurance!! After calling multiple offices several times a week, we finally got everything approved and were able to make an appointment. The ultrasound is set for 7:30am next Thursday at Children's Hospital. As much as I am not a fan of sitting in rush hour traffic at that hour in the morning, I am just so glad that she was able to get in so soon! She then has to see the Neurosurgeon at 12:45 that afternoon. So we'll have five hours or so to kill...with a 10 month old. No biggie:)

I'm 90% sure she is going to need a surgery to repair the shunt as her head has grown another 1/2 a centimeter since she has been home. A 1/4 of an inch doesn't sound like much, but it brings her into the 72nd percentile for her head size. If she continues to grow at this rate, she'll be off the charts in no time. Please continue to pray for our little girl and for her possible surgery coming up. We are reminded daily to trust in our sovereign and good God. There are so many times every day that I just look at her and praise God for what He has done for our little girl.

Here are a couple recent pics:


The Hendrickson Fam said...

Dear Steph,
Our prayers are definitely with you! Darby is getting surgery this month as well to put in his shunt. His ventricles have been swollen since his stroke, and we've watched them carefully for months. Its time to finally put in that shunt.

Your Suzie is absolutely beautiful! I can't believe how big she is getting!

Do you think we could have lunch sometime? Your life sounds so similar to mine! I'd love to chat and see how you cope with all your insurance phone calls too!

Let us know if we can ever help, since we are just across the street!

Holly said...

She is so precious Steph! I love the recent pictures!! We will definitely be praying for you all & especially for Suzie's appt next week!! You guys are awesome parents. God entrusted little Suzie's life to the perfect people!!

Mrs. Dan said...

Good job getting your insurance to do their job! I used to bring a book when I had to get on the phone with those crazy people! LOL.

There's a resturant called Charro's Chicken a few blocks west on Sunset on the north side of the street... or there is Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles a few miles west.... both are pretty good food! Definitely better than McD's inside CHLA. ;)

Praying everything goes well!

P.S. Definitely hang out with Dana sometime. I think you two would have a great time! :)

Debra said...

She is just the cutest little girl!!! Oh my goodness how I love my niece! I'll be thinking of you guys and the appt. up coming. Sorry we missed Steph and Suzie today but hopefully will see you soon.

Liesy said...

I am praying, too. Thank you for posting so faithfully.

Nathan said...

Thanks for the great update. We'll look forward to a good report after the appointment.

Congrats on the insurance!