Monday, May 11, 2009

What's Happening

Here are a few things that Suzie has been up to lately:

1. Going to Church
We are so thankful that Suzie has been cleared to start going to church! We can't put her in the nursery for a long time, so we're trying to figure out just how to care for her while we're there. For now, Kyle goes in for first service to minister in Juniors. Then I come with Suzie for second service and we sit outside together, or Kyle watches her while I go to the service. It's not perfect, but it is WONDERFUL to be there as a family! Here she is all dolled up for church. Yes, that is a BIG flower! But all the other bows we have are too tight on her head:)

2. Getting Mobile
While Suzie isn't quite crawling yet, her favorite form of moving around is definitely rolling. We can't leave her anywhere by herself for too long because you never know what she might roll into! She is starting to tuck her legs under her like she wants to crawl, but her arms are still pretty weak. I think she might end up doing tummy scooting rather than crawling. She has already done a few tummy scoots the past week. Here is a little video of her rolling onto her tummy and then back onto her back.

3. Gabbing Away
It's so fun to hear her chat away! She now is incorporating consonants into her speech. "Ba ba" and "Da da" are her favorites. When she wakes up happy, we just hear her gabby away in her crib. She also loves when we sing "Itsie Bitsie Spider" to her like in this short video.

4. Gaining Teeth
That's right, she now how two little bottom teeth that have made their presence this past week. No symptoms other than having no interest in eating at all (and of course tons of drool). She wants to put everything in her mouth EXCEPT her bottle! (I couldn't get a picture of her teeth because her tongue is always in the way:)

5. Goofing around in the Bath
Suzie has always really enjoyed her bath time, but she just recently started to play in the bath. She loves to splash with her legs like in the video below.

6. Grasping Different Concepts
She is doing GREAT in therapy. It is such a joy to see her progress. Physically she is still a little behind her adjusted age because her muscles are tight. But cognitively she is right on track for her adjusted age, and even a little ahead in a few areas. She is transferring objects from one hand to another and bringing them together midline. She can pull three objects out of a bowl and understands the concept of cause and effect. She knows her name and also can imitate us. Here is a video of her imitating my squealing:)

7. Getting Social
One thing that has really helped her in her therapy is that she no longer has stranger anxiety. She will now tolerate lots of people and not just Momma. Yesterday she had a wonderful time with our family for Mother's Day. Here she is with her cousin, Shelby.

One of my best friend's, Joy, and I get together every week with Suzie and her son, Grant. Here are the kiddos together!


Nathan said...

Those videos are awfully cute. So, you guys aren't worried about putting Suzy in the germ incubator ... er, nursery?

Jesse and Paulina said...

She is a doll. Its good to see her grown so well. Praise the Lord for his Kindness in her life :)

Victoria said...

You should head up to the well-baby cry room (on the third floor) once it starts getting warmer. I always find it easier to pay attention when I can actually see the service :). Glad that all three of you are able to come!